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New Chromebooks? For $249? Shut up and take a small amount of my money!
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Most interesting thing bout this is the first A15 SoC.  Benchmark that Mali-604 ASAP!
Our Cr-48 is still a family room fave - maybe it's time to surprise them with a Chromebook upgrade for Xmas... :D
That is a great price, and my other daughter needs a computer. We have computing competition, and I try to remain in the middle.  One has a Mac, the other a PC.  We are going to try to swing a replacement for the PC during the holidays.  We had already change out my daughter's Mac recently, but my other daughter is most likely a PC (or maybe even a Chrome gal).
That's crazy cheap. Could it be used as an inexpensive video editing platform for run & gun work?
the A15 SoC in it is a dual core ARM SoC of the most recent generation. 
+Louis Gray Our G+niuses have hawk-like eye sight! I just got a bazillion notifications about this!

Who wants to tag the second when I pop in? ;)
Woop! Such a fun surprise +Louis Gray! I guess I was part of movie night! ;)
I've had the Chromebook 550s for about 4 months now. Best decision I have made for a long time!
Nice i tested the cr-48 as a poor student and was very excited for a bare bones computer that could get the job done. Then the chrome book prices were announced averaging 400. Meanwhile netbooks were around 300 with full Windows. Thank you so much for bringing the price down now i can truly be excited about chrome books.
Nice, i see +Daria Musk in that video!!! :D:D Unfortunately Whilst it says its 'for everyone', they actually mean only the US and UK according to the order page :/
Wait, Nexus 7 + Chromebook for less than the price of a Windows Surface RT?   Ummm... yeah, that's a Plus!
Finally! I think the exynos performance could be even better, or at least on par to the celeron (i3) of the 550 samsung model (that initially was really overpriced, and didn't get  a good rap from me, and I am a proud  chromebook series 500 and chromebox owner). And it's lighter, battery lasts longer, it's smaller and thinner - #WIN  

I still won't get this, but I'm waiting for the next model (hoping you merge it with a nexus tablet, bring on the first nexus transformer from ASUS that dual boots chrome os with android! #mywetdreams  ) - but I'm definitely gonna make some chrome-less friends consider this jewel for Christmas! 
I would be surprised of the A15 SoC is faster than a celeron.
oh, I get it now... it's the new version of the original acer chromebook.. it's the economic version of the samsung series 5 550, lighter, smaller, thinner but even a little less powerful.. .still, at 249 instead of 449, I think it's much better value for money - and I guess webgl games will work fine, which cannot be said for my original chromebook series 5. 
Shame we can't buy it. Limiting stuff to US/UK is NOT for everyone :-( 
+Louis Gray I just ordered the Samsung Chromebook from Tiger Direct... "Estimated Shipping Date: Jan 25, 2013" but the description said 10/22... hope it was an error, can't wait to play with it.
+Greg Knieriemen I hope it gets there faster as well! Worst case, you get one at Best Buy retail and cancel the order.
I just want to meet the creative team responsible for these cool videos. :)
You guys seriously rock.
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