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Venice Beach, just beyond Google's LA office. Why would you stay inside?
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I grew up near there. 

I'd love to see this larger.
+Louis Gray, as a Googler, and someone who obviously makes the occasional phone panoramic photo: Do you know of any good Android apps which make Panos without downsizing them? 
Great bike ride along the water there. 
I'd stay inside because I'd be worried about what the sand would do to my laptop. Also, I hear the internet connection isn't as good. :P
You could be working on the beach in official Google speedos.
+Louis Gray thanks for the Information Hasselhoff is touring in Germany. So I can hide.
btw, Venice Beach ... such a nice place to be.
I REALLY want to work at Google's LA OFFICE.... 
This is goin' to be where to head this Weekend for sure!:) I'm in the Valley and it's goin' to be roasting @ a cool 106F later this week!:) 
You'd stay inside because the skinheads come out after dark and beat the snot out of you.
Im going over to Venice today...maybe I'll stop by the LA office and take a picture of the outside of it lol
Sorry sir! That's how you find out. :)
Lol its ok...I'm sure I'll be back here sometime in the future.
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