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Pro Tip: Don't Run Over a Policeman's Foot When You're Ticketed
/via +Isaac Hepworth

Side note: I once had a car come to a rest on my foot in an intersection in Berkeley, after it tried to turn left (and run me over) when I was in the crosswalk. Jumping backward got my body backward, but my foot was lodged under the front tire. I asked him to roll off, and luckily, nothing was broken. Just a numb foot and flat shoe. 
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P.S., as you can imagine, the policeman says some naughty words, so cover your ears if that bugs you.
I think my words would have been a lot naughtier! Ouch!
Policeman did the right thing. hes playing possum.
the guy has no regard for the law
Dude was charged with assault, vehicular assault, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct.
Nice find +Isaac Hepworth. I assumed the video was valid, irrespective of the model of the vehicle.
Let's hope the girlfriend knows how to drive the car!
can't decide if I'm happy the pompous rich guy got what was coming to him or pissed off at the officer's extremely poor handling of the situation. Maybe both.
side note, these are D-List celebs: Julien Chabbott, co-creator of the popular smartphone app Line Snob and his girlfriend, Hills cast member Stephanie Pratt (who can be seen in the video)
You don't have to be smart to drive (or park) a car like that! Silly stupid rich dude... 
I'm going to go with:

A) I'm not going to pass judgement on whether or not the initial citation was deserved (I'm not really sure if it was for illegal parking or what).  It isn't relevant nor is how expensive the car is.

B) The police officer said nothing to the person as they got into the vehicle and he looked up as he was getting in.  If he says nothing, why would the driver assume he wasn't free to leave?  The officer wasn't in the way and he then decided to put himself there (including his foot in front of the tire) without making any visual or verbal command that the driver was not allowed leave (until after he tried to).

C) He didn't drive on his foot because his foot would have been stuck if he had.  Perhaps it was wedged, but the car wasn't on his foot.  It also took him a second to say anything after the car had been moved. 
The car was being ticketed for having no registration or inspection stickers displayed, and no front plate (a front plate is required in NY). As I understand it, it was parked legally in a hotel valet spot.
agreed +Tyler Smith definitely leaning more towards pissed off. The officer could very easily have diffused that situation before it even started, rather than letting it escalate and then reacting in anger.

We as a society really need to stop being OK with bully police officers, it is not acceptable in any way.
I don't think the cop really expected the driver to run over his foot.  
the driver was a douche. He could have just told the officer the situation, but no, he had to just try to drive off. I'd be pissed if my foot was ran over by a pretty boy douche.
The driver was a douche, I agree -- but so was the cop, which is unacceptable in my book.
Quite disgusted by the brutality, damage to personal property and awful attitude of the police man. His should have his badge stripped.
Glad I don't live in New York if this is deemed acceptable behaviour form a cop.
EVERYONE who has ever driven in NYC knows, you park wrong, you might get a ticket. If an officer is writing a ticket,  you cant just get into your car and drive away. Even if the officer is a douche nozzle. Your still getting a ticket. might as well wait for it. They were both wrong. 
Yeah...but honestly, the cop was being, unfortunately, a stereotypical asshole cop.  Authoritative-Passive-Aggressive.
He could have confronted the driver before he even had the chance to get in the car and have prevented him from entering the vehicle by stepping 2 feet to the right and blocking the door. was a stand-off...I dare you to so I can beat the shit out of you sort of way the cop went into the situation.  Yes, too bad his foot got run over...but a real cop would have spoken up and been a professional. 

I know that I'm gonna take a few bumps on the head that I'm being disrespecting to Law Enforcement...I'm not.  I'm just saying we're all human and do stupid shit.  Who know's why? 
+Evan Stitt: Please, not the "bully officers" again. It's getting tiresome these days; everyone is full of rights and freedoms and "evil cops" or "evil government" is always wrong. And evil. Good Lord.

Anyway, I think that having a policeman next to your car (writing something, usually a ticket) is quite a clear sign that something is not all right. And starting the car with a person basically leaning on it is stupid beyond belief. The cop should pepper-spray him back to reality..
+Honza Rylich that mentality might fly in China or North Korea, but it doesn't work so well here.

They were both wrong, but it was the officer who let it become what it became. He let it turn into an "I'll show you who's boss" situation. This is not a police state (or at least it isn't supposed to be).
+Tyler Smith " If he says nothing, why would the driver assume he wasn't free to leave?"

He's standing by the care obviously giving it a citation.  Are you seriously trying to excuse him trying to drive off?
Personally, I think they were both in the wrong.  I expect more as a citizen from the authority to do the "right" thing, they are the ones upholding the law after-all.

My point was, the officer made no attempt to inform the driver he was citing him.  You make the assumption +Kent Goertzen that he is ticketing his car. While I agree that is what was happening, how is the driver supposed to know what the cop is doing as he walks up if the officer says nothing to him?  There are a number of scenarios where it would have been perfectly okay for him to drive off given the officer wasn't citing him. 

We have laws such that if the police want to detain you, they have to tell you that you are being detained.  This officer failed to do so.
+Evan Stitt: I don't think you understand the definition of "police state"; in that case they'd beat up even the guys with camera.. (and you wouldn't have access to services like G+, or even discuss the decision of government at all)..

Let me tell you something as a guy from a post-Communist country: USA was always a symbol of freedom and democracy for many parts of the world; but now it's slowly on its way to a whiny weak anarchy, where everything is a fault of "government" of "officials" and even a ticket for your own mistake is percieved as "bullying". So many rights and freedoms, but no obligations or responsibilities anymore.

I am not sure how strict or benevolent are your laws now, but from my point of view there is simply no excuse to start a car with a person leaning directly on hood. It would be crazy, dangerous and punishable even if it was a homeless guy, not even a cop. Arrogant pricks like the guy should never be allowed to sit behind wheel in future, because today it's a feet, and tomorrow it might be a baby.
The police officer quite clearly tells the guy "No I'm writing you a ticket, sorry I still have to write the ticket" when the dude approaches and says "I'll move my car" before entering his vehicle.

Policeman 1
Dueche 0

Police state my ass. 
I'm so sick of people thinking they are the only ones in this world and no one else matters. Rich or not, I see this type of stuff every day. Driver was an idiot and I was hoping for the cop to break the window. But hay, +1 for slaying the door into the cab. Lol. Hope it chipped the 458's paint.
+Tyler Smith  " how is the driver supposed to know what the cop is doing as he walks up if the officer says nothing to him?"

That is a cop out.  No pun intended.  Just as when a police  car pulls up behind you, you are responsible to know to pull over even if they just want to go by or stop you, in this case it was obvious. from him not only standing there working on the ticket, to him moving ahead to stop.  And then the driver continued not only the one time, but twice after the first and the office did say something.  

There are also laws about fleeing the scene.  Which technically this person was attempting to do to escape a ticket. 
Priceless. He has a Lamborghini, so he feels he has the right to illegally park and then drive over a cop's foot? Priceless! 
It's a Ferrari actually...but yes that seems to be his point of view. 
I thought that wealth shielded you from the consequences of your actions.
At the risk of beating a dead horse, and believe me I am the last guy that is going to defend rich folks, but to me it's not relevant how much money the guy has or what car he drives. It's not relevant how douchey the guy was (which was very). It's also not relevant how self-proclaimed experts say the rest of the world views our country.

What's relevant is that the cop handled the situation in a very poor and unacceptable manner, and if he were being honest he would agree himself.
+Evan Stitt You did beat a dead horse. There are many cases of police abuse, this ain’t one of them. Enough anti-cop whining.
+Evan Stitt  let me run over your foot (or any other body part) and tell me you wouldn't immediately react. The officer's choice was fight or flight and in the case of having his foot pinned his choice was narrowed down to fight. If I had been in the same situation I probably would have done much more than punch the window, pull the man out of his car, pin him to the ground, and put him in cuffs.

Are you offended by the way he quickly took charge of a situation that may have ended with some dude running much more than his foot over? The officer was assaulted by a deadly weapon. One that could exert enough force to rip off his leg. 

Are you offended by his use of the f bomb and calling the man an asshole? What would you say if someone intentionally "dropped" a couple of tons of weight on your toes?

If anything you should thank the man for putting his life on the line for something as obscene as enforcing parking regulations so that other people can park. Someone should send this guy a spa package to pamper his foot.
As I stated earlier, in my opinion the officer could have diffused the situation much earlier.

Thank him for putting his life on the line? Surely you can't be serious. Where or how that guy parked or whether or not his car had a front license plate has absolutely no bearing on anyone's lives.

with that I will agree to disagree, clearly this is a hot button topic for many, although I am not totally clear why.
Free speech only applies to the government

you might want to look that one up genius, and learn the difference between your and you're while you're at it.
+Evan Stitt The First Amendment only applies to the government. It prohibits the government from restricting free speech.
+Brian Maher good eye. Those expensive cars I can't afford all start looking the same to me. ;-)
He asks for it.
What a dick run over police foot while others filming him.
Fuck that shit . 
yeah, running over a cops foot. real smart!! with a car like that, not like he couldn;t afford the ticket. 2 words DOUCHE BAG!!
im torn here, i hate cops, but i hate rich morons as well, i think ill just walk (or scroll) away from this one
This is what, 1500 lbs of lightweight fiber? Wear steel-toe shoes. Lucky it wasn't an SUV full of car parts.

Why did it look like he was deliberately keeping his foot under the car, then jerked it back, then stuck it back under the car when the car rolled?
It really doesn't hurt when a car's tire goes over your foot. Especially a light weight ferrari. 
In the US a cop does not have the right to illegally detain someone, and in New York they can not stop you from getting in your car to show proper documentation. This is what the cop probably thought the guy was doing. Getting information from the car. When the man decided to assault the officer, the cop did exactly what he should have and has been trained to do. Who is to say that the guy wouldn't have floored it and put more innocent people at risk? Beating that guys ass was doing a public service ensuring the safety of others. The guy got what was coming to him and in the end cost himself far more than tge ticket would have. The douche used bad judgement and the cop didn't.
The dude was stupid, the cop was arrogant. 
Both not out of character, are they? 
But running over a cop trying to write you a ticket could get him assault and evading an officer. I'm pretty sure he is faking that limp though.
Well, if am caught parking in a no-parking slot, my first reaction would be to take it out. That means am trying to abide by the law, not avoid the law. If the cop still wanted to write him a ticket, he could just as well have sent that notice to him. Or if he wanted him to not drive away, as soon as the guy started the car, he could have asked him to stop it. None happened. 

The dude is like 18 to 20. The cop might be twice the age. There was a lot of scope for the cop to act in the spirit of the law rather than by the letter of the law. 
I see that the police did ask him to stop.. Ok, the dude was an idiot.. And the cop "man"handled. 
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