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Actual Spam: A Captcha Typing Job, Highest Paying!

Everyone gets the occasional spam message. Tonight I got one offering a "highest paying" job typing in captchas. Intriguing, yes. Who wouldn't want to spend the entire day looking at computer-generated numbers and letters and typing them in? Better yet, the job promised it was the highest paying job based on working hours, and I could get funds through PayPal every Monday, so long as I had earned $3 or more.

It got more fun when I looked at the recipient list. Of the 20 or so of us given this unique opportunity, I spotted the emails of +Bradley Horowitz and +Mohamed Mansour in the list. So guys... if these gigs at Google and Microsoft don't work out, I'm so glad we have a backup opportunity waiting.
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So you're gonna pass up this opportunity and settle for Google? Your loss I guess >.>
I often fail at Captcha typing anyway.

Apparently I'm not human enough to be able to read them.
Decrypting captchas is definitely rocket science.
Pass it along! It sounds better than my current job. May be this is the one for me, after I return from my Nigeria gig. ;)
Maybe I should go back to school in put my app in at google
Ughh, how come I wasn't CC'd on that opportunity. I have years of captcha experience.
good! ocr fails at recaptcha so hiring people is a good thing! almost everyone use recaptcha but google who acquired it seems to use its own captcha, in recaptcha's terms it is a good thing because they take these from old books and printing them is a help! you should mark it not spam :)
It can't be spam. All the words are spelled correctly.
if sent to me it would have been something but to a google+ team it seems strange
Well, certainly it isn't spam....just honest hard working outsourcing talent agents at work!
+Louis Gray but you should see the micro-kitchen at their HQ: 74% of a refrigerator, 3% of a banana, and I don't even know what happened to the espresso machine. Might as well stay where you are. 
You never know when you might need a second (or a third) job!
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