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Shoreline Amphitheatre Waits for the Clouds to Arrive 

It's been "California Cold" the last few weeks in the Bay Area. Dark clouds during the day seem to be followed by clear and cold nights. You can complain about the weather, or embrace it. Here's a fun view I snagged this afternoon above Shoreline by the Google campus, with the clouds coming in from the West. No fancy camera needed. Just me and my phone.
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Culture shock in Denver this winter after 24 years in Phoenix. I know the pain of the cloudy day +Louis Gray.
  California Cold down here in L.A. too -- dipping below freezing at night here in the Valley.  Big cat last night: "I'm cold.  Kitty wants warm.  Don't you dare leave bed."
I know that hill. My wife works in the building right next to it.
C-can't comment p-p-properly. Too c-c-old.
No, my eyes are frozen shut when I wake up, so by the time they thaw enough to open, Glass is fine.

Seriously, though, I've been seeing frost when I drive into work in the morning. FROST!!!
I had an Ont-Sfo flight this morning with frost on the wings. No deice equipment of course, so I delayed the flight until Mother Nature could do her thing.
+Eric Wingrove how often have you had to delay flights due to weather, and how does that compare to delays for other reasons, mechanical or otherwise?
Were you on one of your Fitbit walks again?
My bestie has been crabbing about the cold in Mountain View. I laugh at him, because until yesterday, our highs were in the low 20s.
+Louis Gray quite often with weather, but also then that initiates ATC programs. But, If the TAF(terminal aerodrome forecast) for the destination does not contain the legal landing minimums(visibility and cloud ceiling) at the ETA, its usually delayed out until its new ETA falls in the legal time frame or the NWS amends the forecast. Winter is usually the worst. Fog, snow, freezing rain. Everyday is randomly different for me. Today was more MX issues for me(no SFO ATC issues) while coworkers were dealing with snow and deice delays in DEN and Midwest fog and snow affecting our cities connecting to our MSP and ORD hubs. Yesterdays are quickly forgotten and Tomorrows alway bring new days of more unexpected operational issues relating to wx, mx, atc, crew reflows, passenger stupidty, you name it. So I think the delays all even out at the end of the day, the week, the month or the year.
Good times.
Ah, despite the cold I miss South Bay and surrounding areas.
You don't know what cold is until you live in Montana.  Right now it is 5 degrees  Burrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
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