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In what looks like an ironic coincidence, the day before I jump into new hire orientation at Google, my MacBook Air looks like it is dead. Not just out of power or sluggish or anything... just dead. It gave up in the middle of my reading Google+ and opening a new tab for Google Reader.

I don't want to claim that Uncle Steve heard the news and remotely threw the kill switch or anything, but I am slightly amused at the timing. If that was Jobs' plan, what he doesn't realize is that it's just pushed me to the Chromebook full-time, which is actually a very happy place. I'll give the MacBook Air some more time off and will hope to revive it soon, but with practically all my data in the cloud at this point, all I would lose is whatever didn't get backed up to Time Capsule in the last week or two. The future shouldn't reside on my local hard drive, perilously owned by a single machine's vitality.

My poor Air. So cute. So thin. So inviting. And yet... so antiquated after only two years.
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You realize, of course, that the other explanation is that Google+ killed your MacBook Air so that you'd have to switch to the Chromebook.

Always happy to find a nearby grassy knol. :)
Let me get this straight. Your Macbook Air was two years old? Whatever happened to the rule that you must replace your laptop every year....
I did so want to be on the pilot program for one of the chrome books. I guess my reasoning just wasn't good enough to qualify. Oh woe is me.
+Louis Gray I'm thinking about moving a lot of my stuff to some sort of cloud based storage. Any ideas on the most economical places.....I'm NOT talking about moving a lot of data, btw. Thanks!
No worries, we'll give you a new one tomorrow :)
It's a conspiration haha. Sucks to hear about your thing dying. I can't wait 'till Chromebooks get to my country. And I can't wait to see the fanboys passive-aggressively raging over this comment ;D
Love it. I've been using my Chromebook (CR-48) exclusively for some time, and I love it.
+Lucas Lucidity like any IT related company, we tend to give our employee's computers - we find it helps them to be productive :)
I'm thinking it ran out of air.
+Louis Gray Sure nothing wrong with that, people need to get their stuff straight and get over with this kind of stuff. Anyway, besides the CBook you plan on getting the latest MBook Air?
Your mention of Time Machine brings me back to wishing that GDrive happened. The possibilities... (I resort to Windows Live SkyDrive for now, but it's limited to Mac OS X Leopard/SL/Lion and Windows Vista/7)
+Louis Gray Welcome to the Juicy Chromebook goodness! The only machine that gets faster as you use it... =]
+Louis Gray Gotta keep important people happy so nobody gets to hear the truth. Feels more and more like a conspiracy.
Good omen (if you believe in that kinda stuff).
Congratulations and good luck in your new and exciting journey into the next chapter of your life.
got my Samsung Chromebook S5 a month ago.. Did not look back (at my 2008 Mac Book Pro) since then! LOVE IT!
+Louis Gray, You do realize that you will get a laptop when yo go work for Google? You get a choice between Mac , Windows, or Chromebook. In checkin tomorrow, tell them you you need a laptop.
During your Google induction, they'll issue you a new computer ... a MacBook air. :)
As long as they don't issue out a HP Touchpad.....
Antiquated after "only" two years? Good God man, that's a geological age! I suspect the problem may be fossilization.
Oh wait you had one of the new
MacBook airs? Get one of the new ones they're awesome!!
I'm looking to move to the Chromebook later this month, still a little weary if it's the right thing to do or not. I noticed there are now a few models to choose from, does one stand out as the model to go for?
+Nigel Stolting I have been using the Samsung. I've never seen the Acer. It looks more like a ThinkPad to me than a Mac... but I can't give major differences besides appearance.
+Peter Pawlak I have written a lot about my ChromeOS experience. I really do like it and I have been using it as my primary machine for some time now. Of course, when I did turn on the MacBook Air, it got mad and quit on me today. Check out my blog for more on Chromebook.
+Louis Gray you should be able to request a MacBook Air for your personal laptop at work...
Only weird bug that I've found in the ChromeOS was that it didn't like http to https redirects. Everything else I've seen on it is top notch. Hopefully the MBA stays deceased... :)
Arrrrgh...every time I hear someone talking about the Samsung Chromebook, I feel way too tempted to go and splash the cash (the cash that I do not have).
My Macbook Pro dies once a day... I have a CR48 and it is a good substitute but Im not ready to jump completely into Chrome yet ;)
+Youssef Afifi that's a very good idea indeed. Something like Atrix, with ChromeOS as webtop :D
If only Chrome wasn't such a memory hog with a memory leak... I wouldn't need to keep using other browsers for many things.
This is both an omen and a coincidence that it happened on this day. This gives a new meaning to the term "the timing could not have been better "! You are on to bigger and better things now, it is time to put the Cupertino conglomerate into the past days of your diary. :-) 
This sounds like your first post as the Official Evangelist. :)
irish d
i also absolutely love my chromebook but it's not for everyone. it's perfect for me as i have a lot of online apps, even better that majority of those are under my google account. i took the time to put everything in the cloud and that may be complicated for many. you definitely cant preach it to graphic artists and gamers yet. at best, it's a companion laptop pretty much like the ipad to them. not sure what your needs are mr gray but you might still need another laptop.
Louis, chances are you'll get a Mac. Though if you're feeling up for a challenge try Linux, aka glaptop ;) 
Bummer bro. Can't +1 this one.

I hear Dell is about to make a comeback. :) 
+Josh Sarz it's not, I swear. I think those won't come for a few more days. Orientation starts tomorrow.
Yes, yet I kinda' thought Esteban might have suggested a new Galaxy S II since it's due to debut this Monday, 8/29 .. looks like a great lil' tablet :)
Regardless of the employer, I think it's preferable to have your own laptop that you paid for yourself. That way, there's no potential for a conflict when the employer claims you developed a personal project on their property.

Now I'm not saying you actually need to practice strict separation of personal vs. work usage between the two… just make sure you have a second one, so you can claim all non work projects were created on it ;)

And considering the prices for Chromebooks, having to decide between the two seems a little stingy.
Haha, yeah, talk about the irony of it. Or maybe Google's HQ have an auto-disable technology for new hires?

"Apple MacBook detected commencing auto-kill… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… MacBook dead."

*whispers to HRD* "You can now suggest to the new hire to get a Chromebook."

+Joost Schuur, so true. That's why here in the Philippines most employers refuses for anyone (even managerial) to bring their own. We have to use what they provided and keep all personal projects out of the company's premises.

Personally, I am only aware of a few companies that allows freedom for their employees, and they're all tech-oriented employers.
hope uncle Steve was on g+ to comment !!
made me giggle :) Sometimes coincidence is a fun mistress, not just a harsh one ;)
MacBook Air is one of models officially provided by Google to staff members, free, for work purposes. So you might not have lost anything but your browser session.
Providential prompt to shift to chrome lock stock & barrel.Here is wishing uncle Steve the best of everything life.Uncle Steve you rock and will continue to rock for next hundred years.

Get well soon, HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Accidentally killing electronic devices isn't rare if someone is very excited. One day before the very new life: you are ready, but cannot do anything - exciting situation!
I wish you inner peace, and I wish you could focus your energy on building things.
Have a great first day!
I have a hunch Firefox memory leaks fried my 2.5 y/o Macbook Pro. Mozilla actually recommends you quit the program so memory leaks don't build up over days of sleeping your computer. I had noticed huge page file amounts (virtual memory) thrashing the hard drive, like several GB per day. As the baby was dying Firefox was frozen and the Activity Monitor showed one half the processor pegged and the other half flat. It wouldn't reboot after that and even pulling the battery and pressing the power button, the baseline cure, was useless. R.I.P.
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