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Chrome Is Fast. That's Why Your Fingers Need Chromercise.
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If you're a +Google Chrome user like me, you've probably gotten used to incredible speed. As with any other dramatic change to one's lifestyle, one must be adequately prepared. Thank goodness there's Chromercise ( These finger sweatbands mean that I can browse more webpages, read all your posts, and simply get the web faster, without risking nasty finger sweat.

And don't think I'm the only one who has Chromercise fever. See this YouTube video: Everybody Chromercise and the original blog post from April 1, 2011:
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I still have my Chromercise sweatbands, for whenever I'm doing some particularly fast browsing :)
Can you really type with these little things between your fingers?
Unfortunately, I don't have that either. T_T
I have a set of these from when they were offered free a couple of year ago. Was it April Fool's Day? I can't remember. 
Is the laptop that good? I'm tempted but still haven't got me one.
+Louis Gray I now wish I'd picked one up when I was in the States in November. You've sold me on having one dude :)
I really like Chrome Canary...
I want to order the video from an infomercial.
I haven't paid my nerd dues 'cuz finger sweat is the least of my problems
The video creeped me out... but we've added a chromebook to our family and it is SHOCKINGLY fast.  We have a lot of different web-capable devices here, but the Chromebook smokes everything.  Our only complaint is that it can't play Netflix videos (yet?) but that's hardly critical computing. 
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