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The Cloud Platform Android Figurine is Home and Happy

Thanks to one of my friendly colleagues in +Google Developers, the custom +Google Cloud Platform +Android figurine from +Andrew Bell has made it home to where it belongs, flying its kite high with the dozens of others in my ever-growing set. You'd smile too.
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He made it!  You planned well.  ;) 
Picture my profile picture puking rainbows, and you could get an idea for how excited I am to own this :D
Dang. I haven't really been jealous before now...but I
+Louis Gray now that you got one, any chance you might be able to help me score one? lol I just love that kite so much, I hope to own one soon! Just in comparison, I own a gTech, researcher, and executive androids. So I consider myself a High Roller android collector :D
arrghhh!! how to get one +Louis Gray ? >.< will this be distributed at some event or such?
+Louis Gray Awesome! I think it's time to put you on my 'Always Notify' circle. Lol
+Louis Gray could you get some pics of the bottom of the box now? would love to know the official name for this android.
Awww, so cute!

I collect cows, myself, but if Andi should be released in a cow costume, I'd have to chase one down. He could keep the herd in line.
Really need this one! If your are able to get spare i'm interested +Louis Gray! Nice collection ftw, I/O tester, Analytics V1 and Bernard from Scott T are very cool!!! 
The kite is soooo freaking cool
All I can say is awesome......
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