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Tapping Into Search Results to Find Top Google+ People on Any Topic
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On Sunday, I shared a quick way to tap into search to find people to add to circles with similar interests. ( As that proved useful, I thought I’d share another way to fill your circles with interesting people and subject experts. You probably know you can show people and pages on Google+ in search - but you can add them to circles right from those results, as you can in search results from

To see top accounts on Google+ on specific topics, search for any topic, and click “View All” next to People and Pages. This is a really quick way to find active users in the community who are interested in the same things you are.

A quick ten examples:


New York:

Enter any topic you like, check out the people and pages in results, and add them to your circles. It’s that easy. Let me know if you’ve found some great people in circles this way and what you searched for.
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It's also good to know that these results are personalized, so if you log out they could be ordered differently. :)
I think this will really cause people to use more hashtags to get up higher on the list (presuming it searches for that keyword rather than related words, but I don't know). :-)
P.S. stoked that I am on the feminism list. Woot!
+Tommy Barszcz not that I am aware of. But when you hit the bottom, you get more recommendations, so keep adding and scrolling.
Thanks +Louis Gray for the tip. However, for a topic that I'm really interested in like "Music" I got a list of people already in my circles 2-3 page refreshes before I got someone that I don't have in my circles. I also spotted myself in the circle. Guess it doesn't take into account of people that you already know?
+Howard Huang for every person like you who has done a great job of getting your circles full, there are others who haven't. Glad to see you're all over "Music". It does personalize your answers, so it's not a surprise that those you already follow are pretty high in the results.
Thanks for this, I have been looking for a way to do this and I must have missed your posting from yesterday.
wow, that's a great idea to create dynamic circles. Would love to have an API call to create such a circle and share it.
I am sorry +Louis Gray I should have been more specific. I actually meant, don't see like real chefs contributing to G+ and also cooking is not on suggested list. probably having them in suggested list would encourage other people contributing as well.
Unfortunately we can't tell when they last posted. It is so tedious to check each profile for recent activity. I find a LOT who quit posting last fall.
This is pretty cool Louis. Hopefully this will help people make some great new connections!
We except better things from Google+ team. Especially APIs! And more integration to other products.
In the first set of searches, with the exception of sports, I have everyone on the first page or two of results already circled.... yes... even knitting. o_0
Seems to give a lot of false positives, no?
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