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Video of +Daria Musk's visit to Google, w/ live concert and Q&A

Last Monday, I had the great pleasure of meeting +Daria Musk and interviewing her on stage, to learn more about her story and rise from relative obscurity to becoming a Google+ sensation. As I told the Google+ team, assembled in the private concert, in my introduction, Daria epitomizes the community here as well as anyone I know.

She is fully invested in this platform, is tireless, upbeat, and to boot, is incredibly talented. I'd heard her sing in many a hangout, but to hear her sing live at Google was transformative. Nothing beats a live performance by an artist with passion, energy and skill. With pleasure, I share with you our conversation with +Daria Musk.
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I've always loved +Daria Musk's incredible amount of energy. It's amazing. Gogo Daria! :)
+Carter Gibson You're makin this place more gorgeous every day babe! So happy to know ya and be inspired by ya!
I'm all in +Daria Musk. I regretted missing out on the new year's hangout because I was without internet that night in a village in Pakistan :D
Very cool Louis, that looked like a lot of fun!
+Daria Musk ya it was awesome... New Year's under the stars with family and friends. We even had our own little firework show. good times! :)
+Daria Musk When she +1'd me... my life was a song! So happy to know she had a great visit at Google headquarters!
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