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Wired: Fitness Trackers Use Psychology to Motivate Couch Potatoes

Google Alerts just pinged me that +WIRED ran a story following up on my blog post on how I am using +Fitbit and enjoying the friendly competition with peers in terms of the number of steps, stairs climbed, etc. Does a little friendly banter and a few badges have a real-world impact? Absolutely. Fun to see this story get some legs. (No pun intended)
When it comes to fitness trackers, the psychology behind them is just as important as the technology inside them. Gadgets like the Nike+ FuelBand, F
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BTW -- after I saw your post about Fitbit, I bought one and have been using it daily. Also, synched it with the Lose It app to track calories.
Congrats, +Tyler Smith ! I've just started to try to re-lose about 10 pounds. Hope to have it off by summer.
Fitbit is awesome. For those who have one, you might want to consider adding a tether to it. Or at least use a label maker and put your phone number on it. It's a terrible feeling when you reach down on your waist and it's not there. 10k/day!
I agree about the tether idea after losing my first Fitbit. Here's a quick and easy tether. Take two rubber bands, loop one through the other and pull tight. You will then have two connected bands. Slip one loop between the "lips" of your Fitbit and move it to the top. Now, you can put the other end of the band through a belt loop, pull the Fitbit through and wear the Fitbit as usual. It's not 100% secure, but it does give you some extra safety.
um. +Louis Gray I hadn't added ANYONE as a friend on Fitbit. So that makes you #1. Like usual.
Hey hey hey, I just got my replacement fitbit (first one gave up the ghost). I will send you a buddy request. :)
I haven't used +Fitbit yet, but I do tend to Enjoy Walkin' and Workin' Out more when I'm in a +Google+ HangOut:) Rock On!:)
Hi, +Louis Gray - I wrote that story and was happy to find your post about FitBit. I found it right at the end of the process, and it provided just the right final piece to bring it all together. So here's a belated thank-you!
+Louis Gray loved your blog post. I've had my +Fitbit for about a year. My wife and I both have them. BTW, I sent you an invite after reading your blog post. Still don't see you in my Fitbit friends though.
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