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Found via the #cutenessoverload trending topic, which is full of greatness tonight... a 2 year old who signs Adele, and probably sounds better than most of us when we try to match the radio. Enjoy. :)
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OMG I just died and went to cuteness heaven...

Sigh, another video that I am not allowed to watch here in Germany because Youtube and GEMA don't get their act together. :-/
That annoyed me too, +Christian Klaß. How on Earth can we be forbidden from watching an amateur video of a two-year old singing? It's as if GEMA is actually encouraging more people to vote Pirate.
The copyrights issue is indeed really annoying. The statement that "the video MAY contain music..." is ridiculous, Yes it might, but it might not, so why block it?????
omg...she is too cute!!!
Much better than the original :)
She's adorable....amazing with the words too....
she is really very cute n sweet...................................
wow dats so cute mine z also 2yrs & she is a true blessing
She is so cute. Brought a tear too xx
babe,U R AWESOME!!!!!!!++++++++++++++++
Anyone else really hoping she was going to "sign" Adele? Now that would have been impressive!
sweet girl you learn quict about ur environment,ok .love of kiss baby.
WoW a 2yr girl is singing!!!!! woonderful
Wow! What a talent. Can I have her autograph now?
that's so SWEET!...:) I did enjoy myself.
Thank you Louis for sharing such an adorable video! She is precious and so smart! I wish I could hold her in my arms and give her a big hug. :) Well done!
You kno I seen this on +Fox 8 News Cleveland like a month or two ago and love it. Could not fine it on +*****. But I'm glad u did!!! Fabulous job +Makena
It's cute, but am i the only one that can hear her mom or whoever coaching her from behind the camera?
Awz she pretty an she can sing when she grow up she going to be a singer sooo cute Awwwwzzz111111!!!!!
jaan sk
cho chvee............t
can't believe a two year old can be so lucid
This made my day !!! Cutest thing i have ever seen shes got talent
She is quite talented . May God guide her and make useful to the poor and needy. Amen.
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