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The content being created and shared on Google+ is quite good. So much so that many posts that have originated here have been featured as leading articles on Techmeme, the much-watched technology news curator led by +Gabe Rivera. While Gabe and team have had Twitter activity play a role in the site as well, no other social network (Facebook, FriendFeed, Google Buzz, etc.) has previously gotten this level of visibility.

Google Plussers +Paul Allen and +Danny Sullivan have seen their content shared on Techmeme frequently enough that both are listed on the Techmeme leaderboard, which tracks the most frequently carried sources on the site over the last 30 days.

You can see all Google+ stories that have entered Techmeme here:

I would not be surprised to see +Vic Gundotra and +Bradley Horowitz be listed at other times on this list in the future.
The 100 sources most frequently posted to Techmeme.
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I've noticed this too. It's pretty amazing to witness actually... (considering how primary a source Techmeme is for me)!
Noticed that too. Hopefully people don't use this as a further argument to replace your blog.
We've got a lot of talented people here on Google+
I hadn't been keeping an eye on Techmeme since G+ started to get really interesting. (opening new tab)
What will happen when G+ is out of beta? My guess, you'll just tighten your circles for cutting edge feedback and news.
(Though FB has me trained so well to press enter to complete a post, I have to remember to click "Post comment" - talk about habituation!)
That's because most of the folks on here are early adopters and prolific content creators/curators. Just wait until hapless real estate agents and wanna-be celebrities get on board.
It would be great if articles could be collaborated and monetized in some way from within G+ .

(monetized for the authors, I mean)
I'll be even more impressed when G+ posts on Techmeme aren't about G+ but are about other stuff. :)
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