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Show Us What You've Built for Android Wear

Developers, have you created an app you would like to get in the hands of the first wave of Android Wear users? If you have, we'd like to see what you've built.

Early participants can gain direct design and product feedback from our team, and possibly, higher visibility from exposure at I/O, our collections and in the Google Play store. Send us an email with a link to your APK and, optionally, open source code to
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OR. Just give me one because I have no codeing skillll? 😁
Just to clarify: you are asking for apps built specifically for Android Wear or just Android Wear optimized notifications added to an app running on a traditional Android device?
+Roman Nurik +Louis Gray I have an idea and in between of implementation but as working in organization we are not allowed to share anything outside the orgnization but I m pretty much interested in participating. If you can give couple of minutes of your busy schedule I would like to discuss something over hangout. I want to make use of wearable for general public and serve my society. Thanks
Wow awfully tight! Great ideas, great stuff but only just set up the development environment... What would be a meaningful deadline?
+Louis Gray hope this is for all irrespective of IO participation. Currently kitkat built apps do work straight on wear emulator. But knowing about official support would be great.
Well I can't code my watchfaces unless you tell me how to do it.... Its not possible right now as far as I know, but if it is please tell me! haha... I have them telling the time through the emulator, but that installation method obviously won't work on the real thing :) 
Is it possible to run wear apps without connecting to a phone at all? like a screensaver
Nothing yet! Tell you what without WiFi that idea makes it a useless gadget!
+Louis Gray for now i have two proof of concept to submit. The Apps where made on the end of March.2014 and due the reason about no update in the Waer Preview i don't spend much more time into it. But i would make my Smartwatch taking Notepad app very early Android Wear ready.
1. oNotepad old Version [14-03-21] with note taking feature for Android Wear devices:

oNotepad has major changes in the version from playstore and i would be awesome to make it fast Android Wear Ready.

2. App "Ruhezeit" [14-03-27]  toogle the ringer mode of your main device and shows the battery level of it.

Is it still interesting to send both apk's to you?!  
+Louis Gray just on the way home from the Android Wear Hackathon in Frankfurt today. We came up with an animation on the wear emulator - nothing productive yet but a very cool demo of what's possible with creative hacking for fun. +Marc Reichelt has a video of it. It was quite interesting to hack and was good fun.
Hello. If I'm a smart watch manufacturers how can I develop a google wear device? Can't find any information about that.
+Harry Moo
The device runs standard Android base OS plus GMS Wear (GMS=Google Mobile Services) which you have to license from Google. Probably you would start out with KK4.4. Typical hardware spec, based on the Samsung Gear: 1.63" display, 320x320, 1.2GHz CPU, 512MiB RAM, 4GiB storage, Bluetooth. If you want more details, contact me.
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