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For my fellow Reader users: with the new Share button introduced this afternoon (see screenshot), you can share items directly with your circles on Google+, without having to +1 it first. This update has now rolled out to all Google Reader users. If you don’t see it, refresh your browser.
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Very nice! A great example of google listening to feedback of its users
I like it. I hope it integrates into Flipboard soon!
This is great to have it explicitly down there. Any chance we'll be able to share directly to one of our G+ Pages? It'd be awesome to publicly share Reader items directly to a page dedicated to my personal Reader shares...
I guess that no one found about the "share..." in the top bar. I always said that is should have been promoted!
Wasn't this functionality already available from the "share-field" in the top right corner on the black "google-bar"?
The old share used Buzz, I believe.
Thanks; But I wish images would appear in larger size when shared from GReader and texts would appear in full.
First good step. Now Google should start to really implement the new design (Reader has a white bar, while the other services have grey bars) and maybe add more social elements again.
Sweet! Now they just need to open the API up so we can share from 3rd party rss-readers as well (like Reeder)
+Louis Gray I think I prefer the drop-down effect from the share field in the top bar to the pop-up effect from the new share-button.
But true; the new button is more easily discoverable.
Woohoo! Does Shift-S work with it?
+Louis Gray Hi Louis, Thanks for info. Question - I've noticed that across many Google products (inc. Reader, Blogger) on Android (web version) that the comment field, or a field that you should be able to add your comment to, doesn't work... Any advice would be much appreciated.
Happy dance!!! :) ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ I might just get back in the habit of using Google Reader again now. hehee!
There's so much ambiguity around the "+1" button... I like the new share, I can't think of when I'd hit the +1 instead! Why not remove it? Also, it would be nice if the 'send to' function was moved to next to Google+, so you have in a row all the options for networks you'll share content to..
Love the Google+ enhancements to Google Reader, but I mostly use it on my smartphone and the share button doesn't appear on the mobile web site.
This is a great addition and I know it's one users were calling for ever since the new reader launched. It's so nice to see Google respond to it's users so quickly!
This simple share button adds a lot of value and removes a significant source of confusion and frustration.

Thank you.

Reader is my most used website. Please ensure it stays around.
An improvement, but I want back my "broadcast" RSS share like before. Is it really that detrimental to Google's plans to restore this really nice feature?
it's a bit redundant with the share option on top bar, but I think people were asking for it.
Was surprised to see this appear out of the blue - and you even retained the keyboard shortcut! Many thanks, Google!
+Louis Gray does it have a keyboard shortcuts? Will the Android app get an update to allow one click share too? 
is there a way to have those shared posts appear in google reader, where they originated? maybe with a space for comments, as well?
Great. Hope Google News items can also be privately shared without being publicly +1'd first.
whats the deal with the red dot in the bottom right when you read something new?
Hopefully fixes for all the white space are next in line.
Excellent. Now we need a way to change the information density of Google Reader items with "Cozy", and "Compact" options just like in Gmail.
+Jason McFadden It's also interesting how Google gives facility to share to FB and Twitter whereas FB and Twitter does not give something like that. :)
Does it really hurt if we can actually see that shared items in our google reader too? Why can't google simply accept what their user wants? You know if you don't respect your users' demands, we simply switch to another service.
Aaah! Finally!! This is what the whole blogosphere has been whining about since they rolled out the last set of updates for GReader...
Have to say, scrolling speed seemed to improve and the one-click sharing rox, Good release. Thank you.
About an hour ago I noticed a notification my stale Google Reader tab, it said something to the effect of "The Google Reader app has been updated" please refresh your browser.

Now that is a great way to update an app!!! Native apps will be yesteryear in a little while. I know most will never see that notification but it was a nice touch.

Anyways, I am hugely excited about the new G+ sharing feature. Now I hope it comes to the Android apps. Or... maybe I should start using the web app on me Android?
The "share" button doesn't render the post as well, as the +1 does. Why are they different? #nolikey
I used to absolutely lover Google Reader before it got butchered. I find reading it now to be a totally joyless experience. I switched to FeedDemon, which I am really starting to like.
I think this makes a lot more sense.
+Chris Adams Agreed. If we're supposed to do all sharing through G+ and the Reader app now just pushes a link out through Android's sharing intent, we really have to get link hashing from the mobile app or the experience is fundamentally worse than the one it replaced, and that's setting aside the fact that we've lost in-Reader shared items!
"share" what you interested in. : D
A friend of mine who is deaf, used Reader on a daily basis and even used it as part of her communications, and was friends with lots of people there - now she hates it with a passion, and boy, has Google done a number on her. She was a really active user of Google Buzz, but is afraid to post here now because for personal reasons she cannot use her real name.
+Louis Gray > thats all well and good but whats up with the Note In reader Bookmarklet ? Now how am I supposed to remember everything I ever come across? This was just about the ONLY way I used reader :'(
(and I used it *alot*)
Looks strange with 2 Google+ entries. Why not move the +1 button to the share dialog? I guess you also need to disable the +1 button's share dialog ...

But great job! Keep working on it!
When the "+1" can get a keyboard shortcut?
fair play: rss feeds in + rss feeds out.
cheating: rss feeds in - few clicks - rss feeds out.
GREAT!!!! +Louis Gray , Why doesn't Google include a Google+ Share button for Google Docs? I would appreciate if I could share documents through a social network. After'all it would be a ALL-IN-ONE
Hey +Louis Gray this is a great move. But now can the +1 button just +1 something (like in my main G+ stream) and not open a sharing box. Also, a keyboard shortcut for +1ing things (like the old "L" for 'like") would significantly improve my post-update GReader experience (and I would share more things on G+.. also it might improve the sort by magic function that has been serisously problematic sine the update. Otherwise, I love Reader, keep up the good work.
I second +Tom Finer's comment. What's with the annoying red dot in the lower right corner?
Yes, there used to be a "like" button which informed "sort by magic" - the +1 button seems to unfortunately have a confusion of multiple purposes. Please bring back the awesome functionality of "sort by magic" - it really worked and found great articles, rather than an endless list of slashdot and lifehacker articles.
Has anyone else noticed that with this update the 'Mark as Read' checkbox has disappeared in items that are already read?

On an item I've already read, I see the star, +1 button, the Google+ share button, 'Email', 'Send To', and 'Add Tags', but no 'Mark as Read' checkbox. Basically, I can't mark the item as unread later. (In case it makes a difference, I'm using the Chrome browser.)

I use expanded view because I don't like things automatically being marked as read as is done when you click on an item in list view. However, I'm finding it annoying that in expanded view when I click on an item, it jumps to the top of the window. I'd prefer to scroll through myself not have things jump around on screen. It kind of gives me a visual headache after a while. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing.
Why not just show the share bok on the +1 hover box, but without having to click +1 first?
include back the, people you follow and comment option! reader is nothing without that feature. it is a shame to mix everything with the circle-mania. my personal social medium is disrupted!

we could at least be able to include our old following list, there are people who don't/won't use g+ but used reader frequently. now they're all gone, and no way to list them?
i don't really want such a button, all i want is a quite place to read what my friends are sharing. not the google +. never!
sharing from google reader to google+ pages would be nice
I would like to be able to subscribe to other users Google Plus pages and comments in Reader as if they were RSS feeds.
+Louis Gray Are there any plans to allow subscribing to G+ posts as RSS feeds in Reader? That way, if somebody shares something from their Reader feed to G+, users who are within the shared circle would be able to see the content in Reader (somewhat restoring the lost Reader social elements). The only downside would be that you'd see ALL of that individuals posts (for those which you are in the circle they are sharing with) in Reader, vice just their comments on internet content (i.e. you'd see their photos, and personal comments, and similar); but I'd take that in a heartbeat to be able to stay in a single application as I grind through my RSS subscriptions.
My biggest problem with Google Reader is that Sort by Magic is now broken. This is a huge issue.
hate the stupid changes to GReader !!!
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