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When Your Internet Goes Down... What Do You Do?

The last week or so, our home access to the Internet has ranged between inconsistent and non-existent. After days of intermittent restarts and annoyances, I finally called my friends at Comcast, admitting defeat. They courteously agreed to come out and replace our family's modem for free, tomorrow morning sometime between 7:30 am and 8:30 am. That I can handle. But until then, all these devices that live on the web are close to useless without connectivity. No Netflix. No YouTube. Not much, period.

Thank goodness I have the Chromebook around. Instead of staring blankly at the flashing lights of my modem and trying to fix it overnight with bailing wire and chewing gum, I just grabbed some more bytes from Verizon and am back to the web at 3G speeds, which means I can still use Google+, get to my Gmail, and get my docs on Google Drive. While I'd obviously prefer to have full WiFi speed, and I don't dare try to launch a hangout, it's great to know I'm not completely disconnected. And should I want to do some real work, I can always log out of my consumer account and fire up my corporate Google account. Pretty nice. Notice how the stats in the bottom right corner show the Chromebook can go several hours without a charge, and notice it's running on 3G instead of WiFi or a wired connection. I'll take it.
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cry while hitting F5 repeatedly until my page comes back up. This process can take anywhere from 30 seconds to several weeks.
Comcast has excellent customer service monitoring on Twitter +Louis Gray . I tweeted to them about a problem with their service and the corporate office called me within an hour. (They have verified customer service accounts.)
All of my net service is through verizon mifi at 3g or 4g. both cards have handled hangouts pretty well, just so you'll know.
whatever happened to the days when people actually talked to their neighbors or read a book (the dead tree kind) and kids actually went outside to play?
dont worry +Alex Valdez , kids will play outside again once trans-reflective screens and city wide wirelesss becomes prevalent
It's why I build offline access into all my web apps, and why I keep my Android tablet with me at all times to tether 3G access to my other devices in the event my main bandwidth goes down: contingency planning. :)
+Alex Valdez I put all three kids to sleep by 8:30. :) And if I want to read my books, I'll go get my Galaxy Tab.
The Google guys are already using the Google Drive in Linux, calling it Chromebook :)
This is exactly why I bought a 3G Kindle. Well, that and the Hitchhiker's Guide jokes.
Now that you ask. I just realized that I walk outside and stare at random objects... Don't know what that's about
I remember what happened when the power went out in my place. Frustrated, I went to my desktop computer to look up details on the outage and see how widespread it was. :o
I have very reliable broadband via, but if it did go down, I'd tether to my Verizon Droid RAZR.
The only way to keep me from the internet is with a massive EMP and even that would only stop me for a couple of hours...=)
Here in Hong Kong net access is quite cheap, so I have two separate lines (one from cable, one from the phone company). I also have tethering to my iPhone. But to be honest, when I have a breakdown I usually use that opportunity to 'take a break' and go do something else, like shower or change clothes.
Does the chrome book have a 3G radio in it or you used a Verizon hotspot?
3G Verizon only? I'm a Sprint customer. Also LTE in the pipeline?
Very cool stuff though. It is always nice to have multiple way to the net. I had a cable outage yesterday around this time and still able to function thanks to other networks.
I had to explain to some non-technical people that the cellular network is different than the broadband one, just like the POTS phone line has a different power source than the electric utility, which is why their land-line phone still worked during a power outage.
IIRC, this isn't the first time the Chromebook has saved the day for you.
When I realized I could tether my CR-48 to my android when the wired net went away, it got a whole new life. It isn't the same, but it can take the edge off the separation anxiety.
Exactly, this is pretty much what i said the other day: the 3G really helps out in a pinch whenever wifi isn't around. Alternatively, if I don't have my ChromeBook, I can always tether.
No internet. What a nightmarish thought! Thats like plunging us back into the dark ages, the 90s.
Great advocacy for the Chromebooks +Louis Gray! :)
If I'd had no wired internetz, my 3G plan would provide me a connection ... that I could share with my Chromebook.
... or play GTA on the Windows7 desktop ;)
Well, real disaster is when you couldn't check your Gmail, use G+ and Google Drive. Thus the situation isn't critical. =))
Be a whole lot nicer if we could have offline editing of docs... really bad 3G reception at my house
Dont they have offline editing of docs? Drive just got pushed to the chromebook recently...
Thanks for sharing. I haven't made my purchase yet but I feel like it's getting close.
The new one is supposedly coming out in a month or two.
+Jathan Lane - I've been reading that for 6 months. Hopefully soon, though. I'd like to get on that Chromebook train, but I've got to have some offline productivity
Its not amazing yet but it will definitely get better over time. I can definitely see in the next year where HP is going to loose soooo much money to Google. In fact I would go so far as to say, google stock is undervalued at least 25%. Get ready. Google+ is prime for an explosion in a month or two. We just saw them update the UI to accommodate for applications.
Work Bionic has WiFi hot spot. Personal Bionic has EasyTether and unlimited data. (VZW. Grandfathered) VZW will have to burn to the ground for me to lose access.
Sitting in front of my computer with my mobile tweeting and all sorts of social media-ing about how I am going through a withdrawal.
I have my phone tether so solve crisis like these +Louis Gray but +Jason Salas has a valid point: off line access to apps. It´s amazing how many apps apparently want to access the web while from my point of view they don´t need to.
When my bad Spanish connection gives up I´m always unpleasantly surprised how little I can actually do without internet access.
+Kyle Salewski :) once you've poked around, stop by Chromebook Central ( to share your thoughts 
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