I'm Throwing Out the First Pitch on Friday (Aug 1st) at the A's Game
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Before every major league baseball game, there is a ceremonial tradition where a guest is invited to throw from the mound to a member of the home team - after which the game can start. Next week, that lucky person is going to be me, so I will get the chance at 15 seconds of fame, or I'll wildly bounce it and be part of YouTube lore forever. (50 Cent Throws Out First Pitch at Mets Game - FUNNY)

I was invited to throw out the first pitch on behalf of +Sunrun, the awesome company who I purchased solar panels from earlier this year, and have seen great returns from. Their CEO called me on Tuesday, and after moving some things around, I agreed. So that's very cool. Sunrun is also sponsoring fireworks after the game, so it should be a very fun and full event.

The A's are in first place and are doing exceptionally well this year, so it'll be another great day at the ballgame.
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