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While you were out: A Nest thermostat was installed.

The much-discussed Nest thermostat ( is said to learn your comings and goings, and optimize your heating and cooling. It's a +Google Ventures backed company, and today, I came home to find our old, clunky, non-intuitive thermostat replaced with this - as I'd ordered the unit a week or so ago and gotten concierge service, to make sure it was done well. I may yet need to paint over the plate backing it to have it blend in better with our wall, but you can see how much smaller it is than the old unit we ... deprecated.

Of course, I'll be watching to see how well Nest adjusts to the schedule of our home, including three crazy kids. But it's here!
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Hello, Dave... er... Louis.
Neat. Do keep us posted.
The Nest is fantastic! Have had ours for a few months now and it definitely lives up to the promises. I hope they have a similar sprinkler system component in the works!
Very cool. I don't even have a central air system but I like this idea and will definitely look in to it more for my next place.
They away mode learning needs a bit of work but +Nest works great so far. Training takes a lot of patience.
We've been looking into it but at the time Best Buy was sold out & our winter have been mild this year s it was not that big of a deal. This will be worth the cost once it learns your habits. Is there an app coming along to set the temperature while away from home?

Did not know this was a +Google Ventures project
What ever happened to the lawsuit they were faced with? Did it get dropped / settled?
If only they made one that could stoke the woodstove!
Nothing to do with your post sorry, but silly me...why don't I have a gmail e-mail address for you? I KNOW you must have one...
nest WTF sounds like a spy :) probably a cool gadget you guys got in the US +Kelly Westbrooks YOU sound like me mate why are women so cold? Good one +Jo Ann Schlicker I thought that too
Hey +Louis Gray, kind of hard to tell with the photos, but how far does that stick out from the wall? Gauging an approximate size, my preference would most likely be to recess the nest to something more flush with its surroundings. Hmmm..
+MattBob Alley it's thicker than ideal, but that's due to it being so narrow, compared to the older thermostat, which was more rectangular. So long as the kids don't try to hang off it, I think we're in good shape.
Good luck with the kids ;) Keep us posted on the Nest!
cool! ... er, hot! or probably just right. :)
My biggest problem with thermostats in general is that they don't automatically switch from cool to heat or heat to cool (based on some buffer window). Does the Nest solve that?
+Eric Pernice +Mark Milley the Nest is associated with your zip code, and knows the temperature at the zip code. For example, last night the app (iOS) said it was 51 outside and 67 inside. So it would know what to do. We'll see when it gets warmer how it adjusts, but I scheduled it via the app to go up in the morning and down at night. I'm curious to see how this goes.
+Louis Gray , very cool - I hope that works. +Mark Milley , I don't understand why it would need to know the ambient temperature outside - couldn't a thermostat let you set a range, say 70 to 74, and automatically kick on the heat if the house gets below 70, and automatically kick on the cool if it gets above 74? Admittedly, it would probably need to employ some algorithm that was a bit more complex to avoid thrashing, but still, it seems doable.
A friend ordered one of these and I am going to install it for him. Compared to a standard thermostat, is there anything I need to know?
Also, +Louis Gray tell the people in R&D to adapt this to also control a whole-house fan. Those can really cut down on AC usage.
+Mark Milley , hmm, interesting - I didn't know about the second slider - as far as I know, none of the thermostats I've owned have had it. But I don't think I'd mind 72+x/2 in the summer, and 72-x/2 in the winter - that's about what I do anyway. My problem isn't really that I have to adjust for seasons - it's that I sometimes have to switch between Cool/Hot every day (especially during Fall/Spring).

Say it's a warm day and I have the air on during the day, set to maybe 70 or 72. And then it's a cold night, and since the thermostat is set to Cool, the heat never kicks on, and the house gets down to 66. I'd much prefer a system that could handle this switch for me, so I don't have to think about setting the thermostat to Heat at night.
+Louis Gray I just became aware of the fact that my toes are like little ice cubes now! Off to get socks and dream of one day having a Next Thermostat so this doesn't happen again! ;)
Dang it - you convinced me to bite the bullet and get one. Just ordered mine - it will be here Thurs or Fri.
My wife and I fight over the thermostate a lot - this will be interesting to see if we can break it with our disagreements :-)
+Jesse Stay pro tip... let her think she has won. You can change it remotely on their website. I did that a few times today from the office.
I wanna get one. Still like it?
I'm looking at 250 reasons right now, but I still want one.
+Seth Morabito  I use my Android phone and my wife uses her iPhone to control the same Nest.
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