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This is the list of apps I have available on my Chromebook. #showyourdesktopfriday #chromies
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If you have a Chromebook, make sure you select the Dev build and update. The new version is incredible.
I love my cr48, but she's fallin' apart! I should get a production model... I wonder if we'll see a quad core chromebook any time soon...
I don't think we can get this Dev build on the Cr-48 :(
My Cr-48 died...this screenshot is not helping. :/
There should be some sort of interactive competition implemented to win a Chromebook a day, for 365 days. :)
+Francesco D'Alessio if you live on the web, it's the best way to keep all your bookmarks and apps and data wherever you go. It's also very cool in that is comes with a 3G connection built in.
How did you get the desktop screenshot? I have in browser tools but don't know how to get the desktop?
I so wish it was available as a downloadable installer. I have a Samsung Netbook dying to run something like this.
the new interface looks amazing
+Abhijit Dhakne go to the wrench, select About Chrome OS, click "More Info" and choose "Dev-Unstable".
This OS is very clean and clear.
+Tom Brander you can screenshot very easily. Just hit Alt and the key that looks like multiple windows.
which version is the dev? the version that was built on april the 13th?
i wonder when the new chromebooks are coming out. june maybe?
Off topic - why google plus doesn't work in landscape mode? I can't see your screenshot in full on my mobile.
+Louis Gray thanks! just been trying,to screen shot.. not working on my Samsung IO with Dev channel :-(
I really like the new interface on Chrome OS. I can't help but feel Chrome OS should just be merged into Android.
How do I get my Windows HP machine to run Chrome? I WANNIT, I WANNIT, I WANNIT!
OK. That's too many. No wonder you don't get any work done!
Tisk-tisk. ;-)
+Nikolaos Dimopoulos this is the Samsung S5 Chromebook that was provided at Google IO 2011 (before I joined Google). I also have a CR-48.
Ok. I did update to the new version. It is nice and feels like OS now.
Few things I notice in my last 5 minutes.
1. It's on the slower side compared to Stable 18.0X version
2. Especially the app drawer feels a little stuttery
3. I had to change the settings for trackpad to the max compared to the stable release.
4. Videos are a little slower to load (might be one off).
5. The scrolling movement is like Lion in MacOs. I can't recollect if that was the case even in 18x
6. Keyboard typing has a micro second lag. It might be me...but it did feel that way..

In all I love the new version and it makes so much sense going forward.
All Chromebook needs a decent hardware (Hoping Screen resolution is bumped up ) and a decent graphics card.
What do you think +Louis Gray - Did you experience the same problems?
+Abhijit Dhakne I haven't experienced any slowness or stuttering. That's not to discount your experience, of course. But I certainly didn't see that.
Why wouldn't you buy a laptop and use Google Chrome browser on it? It does the same things that a Chromebook does and more.
Fair enough. I am pretty sure the stable release will be optimized. I love the high res wallpapers though! Nice.

Thanks +Louis Gray !
+Raj Thakkar Agree. But I still think, cloud is the future and if you do most of the things online, Chromebook covers you end-to-end at a pretty decent price. Don't forget the energy footprint that you'll save not being on a high end windows machine.
Also the new chromium build is nice feels like an OS now and I am not sure will migrate it to the Chrome Browser.
Having said that, the hardware needs a little bump though.
i can't wait to use a chromebook...can anyone present me one? :P
Lets now move it onto the PC and make it fully featured :D
Gus K
looking forward to seeing it on my Cr-48, but hopefully it's light...
better get rid of your picnik app : )
Great to see your list...Lots of similarity...
I'd be willing to test one out and 'forcefully' convert others to the cause... muahahah
+Louis Gray It would be great if Google made a 64-bit image available of Chrome OS, so we could use this in VirtualBox ;-)
+Gerard van Essen You might also want to request GPU support.

I'm just waiting for this inevitable merging of Android with Chrome. Even if it just was the ability to run Android apps... i would install this on my PC in a second (pending on hardware support - of course)
I've got quite a few apps on my tablet. Would be great if someone can mail me a Chromebook I can tie into my account with :)
That Chrome icon sure could be mistaken for the Windows 7 start button. The funny thing is, that the two icons have near identical uses. The Chrome icon is what you click to access everything you can want. The W7 start icon can also be used to open Chrome.
I have a CR-48 at work and would love to see this OS update roll out to it.
Hi Louis. Who within "Google+" can I contact to see if they can add the option of posting my Twitter post on my "Google+" stream? When will "Google+" open their API for Twitter so that "Google+" users can have their Tweets on their "Google+" stream? Look forwaring in hearing from you. Sincerly Rene Ramos
We might consider a chromebook for our kids' next machine... what kind of parental controls are available? We use SafeEyes at home on our computers for content filter and safety.
Good to see you're on the Dev build Louis! I really like it so far. And remarkably issue-free for a dev build, so kudos to the ChromeOS team.
Hoping a new release soon, currently not very usable (I have reported my issues) Tabs refresh on focus (very annoying and time consuming), and more than usual crashes...
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