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Vote +Matt Cutts for President
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I just ran into +Matt Cutts (aka Matt Romney), out stumping for votes by bicycle this afternoon. His platform is simple: A mission to eradicate Webspam, without raising taxes on the middle class.

He's got my vote. Cutts 2012. A true leader.
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that bike won my vote.  
That wins my vote for the scariest pre-Halloween costume of the year.
Gotta figure out a way to keep smart phone camera lenses clean!
I am a slow cyclists, but I never walk backwards - Matt Cutts
I'd vote for him. He has a way of keeping things in order.
Fun always welcome, better if it comes from Google.Hope someone does the Barack Obama role too. +Louis Gray does the sharing again.

 Thanks for sharing.
That second shot kinda makes him look like Stephen Colbert.
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