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Louis Gray

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Custom Android Figurines for Your Sweet Tooth

This pair of fun custom figurines showed up in my mailbox today, with Cold Stone Creamery and Kit Kat branding. I've even been told there's a Nutella droid on its way. Yum!
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These are awesome! You think a Cookie Butter droid would complete the collection? Haha :)
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Louis Gray

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A View from the Top of Suburbia

Yesterday I risked life and limb to snag about 12 wiffle balls and tennis balls that had collected in the gutters (and even under our solar panels) on the roof. While up there, I figured, why not do a panorama with my Nexus 5? Here's what Sunnyvale looks like, two stories up.
/cc +Evan Rapoport 
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That's one attractive roof, Louis!
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If you loved Mario, you'll like Super Andrio World

I'm not ashamed to admit I conquered all 67 levels, finishing up this morning. This is the best Mario-like game I've seen that doesn't have a Nintendo label on it. I bet even +Jonathan Terleski would approve.
Super Andrio is a free mobile platform game that replicates the gameplay fo...
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Sweet I will waste some time on this! Nice find
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Louis Gray

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50 Top Startups from 2010: Acquired, Pivoted, or Still Going?

Four years ago, I highlighted fifty top startups I was watching. Startups come and go, and four years means big changes. So I went back to all fifty to take a look and see the score. 40 percent have already been acquired.
Editor's Note: This is one of the longest posts I've made - in length and duration. It's said that one year in the life of a startup is the equivalent of dog years when compared to more established companies. So looking back ...
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Some interesting and successful companies. Fitbit is interesting to me. With the explosion in activity trackers and fitness bands, it will be interesting to see how the market shakes out.
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Louis Gray

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100 Days of Solar Energy: Like Having Two Priuses on My Roof
/via  #solar   #energy  

100 days ago, we fired up our solar panels from +Sunrun, and started being an energy producer, instead of an energy hog. With a few bills under our belt, we’re saving as much money as we would have saved on gasoline had I bought two Toyota Priuses for our comings and goings. In the 99 days of records we have so far, PG&E tells us we produced more energy than we consumed in 82 of those days, and in the rare occasion where we’ve tapped the grid, it hasn’t been for much. 
100 days ago, we fired up our solar panels from SunRun, and started being an energy producer, instead of an energy hog. With a few bills under our belt, we’re saving as much money as we would have saved on gasoline had I boug...
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These things are mainstream in Europe already - even with 8-10 years ROI. It's just the US that still has issues getting accommodated with it. Although in California this should be a no-brainer with 329 days of sun in L.A. 
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What is the Best Chromebook You Can Buy?
#chromebook   #chromeos  

According to +The Verge, the Dell Chromebook 11 and Acer 720p score 8.0 and 7.9 on their 10 point scale, with Samsung and Toshiba just behind. I use ChromeOS all day, with my Pixel at work, and the Acer 720 at home. My wife uses the 720p, and my kids love its touch screen for their educational sites. The Verge says, "Next time you buy a cheap laptop, look long and hard at Chrome OS."
For some things, you need an expensive computer. But most people don’t do those things. if you’re not trying to play games or run Photoshop, if all you want is a computer that’s great for watching...
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I'm waiting for the Acer Chromebook CB5.. I guess it was CB5. At least, I'll have an eye on it. The rumours about the specs were interesting.
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Louis Gray

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This little beagle puppy just might join our family

There's something about little pups that is very persuasive. She's been romping around with our kids the last few hours and looks like she wants to stick around. So... should we keep her? And if we do, what should we name her? Mandy is already taken. /cc +Kristine Gray 
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Mochi is a great name but do try the vet because pups usually have special needs ( worms ). Super cute Mochi
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Louis Gray

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Marketwatch: Soon everyone will be an electric company
#solar   #sunrun   #finance  

I talked with Marketwatch this week about my experience going solar with +Sunrun. Money quote (literally): “It’s probably the best decision we’ve made all year financially. There’s only so many ways you can take costs out [of your budget] every month, and this has been a great one.”

I haven't stopped talking about going solar because the benefits are so obvious. Happy to share any and all data if you want to make money from the sun too.
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800 ft^2 for solar is pretty easy and common. If solars cost per watt keeps dropping according to Moore's law things are going to change and quick
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Louis Gray

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Achievement Unlocked: #1 on Hacker News

Thank goodness my site is hosted on +Blogger and runs +Google Analytics. It'll capture all this traffic and have no problem with spikes.
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+Francine Hardaway thanks. At the time, EVERYONE was building a Twitter app.
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New Special Edition Google Play for Education Android Figurine
#io14   #android   #googleplay  

The collection grows by one today. I/O continues with the big hits. My BFF +Erica Joy procured this gem for me!
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Louis Gray

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The Myth of the Billion Dollar Startup
/via  #startups   #funding   #vc  

"While the meme of “yet another billion dollar startup” is a fun one, the reality is that these are instead highly valued private companies who operate like public companies, and have the same kind of deep resources that most public companies have, but haven’t yet taken that leap to the retail trading markets - supported by changes in the venture funding process and new rules that make being a public company harder."
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New Special Edition +Google Analytics Android Figure!
#android   #analytics

The third mini collectible special edition Google Analytics Android figure is now here. This latest version has the new design inspired by Analytics' branding and favicon. I'll be adding this figure to my wall of fame this evening at home. Thanks to +Adam Singer and +Andrew Bell for designing.
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Vety well...
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