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Marketing, evangelism, public speaking, public relations, writing, tweeting, plussing, demand generation.
  • Google
    Program Manager, 2011 - present
    Google Analytics Advocacy. Prior work at Google includes Developer Relations, Google+.
  • Paladin Advisors Group
    Managing Director, 2009 - 2011
  • BlueArc
    Dir, Corporate Marketing, 2001 - 2009
  • 3Cube
    Web Marketing Manager, 1999 - 2001
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Sunnyvale, CA
Paradise, CA - Denver, CO - Baltimore, MD - Guadalajara, Mexico - Los Angeles, CA - Brownsville, CA - Paradise, CA - Berkeley, CA - Belmont, CA - Palo Alto, CA
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Googler, Blogger, Dad of 3

I run Google Developers Live and am the author of At home: dad to three kids five and under, including boy/girl twins.

Bragging rights
I snagged the GOOG +1 license plate before I joined Google.
  • UC Berkeley
    Political Science, Mass Communications, 1995 - 1999
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Louis Gray

Shared publicly  - 
How to run a fantasy stock portfolio with friends, leveraging Google Finance and Google Sheets #finance   #stocks

If you follow the stock market or news in general, you know that 2016 has opened up rough for those used to consistent gains. At the beginning of this year, I set up a fantasy stock market contest with a few friends, and in near real-time, we're seeing our virtual portfolios rise and fall, and competing with one another - all by leveraging Google Finance and a shared Google spreadsheet. It's never been more fun to watch all of us lose money. Here's how to set yours up.
It’s no secret the stock market has been more than a little bit rough this year. After years of growth and optimistic en…
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+Barry Schwartz maybe we can open it up the next round. :) /cc +Adam Singer 
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Louis Gray

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Android Special Edition Figurine: Chinese New Year 2016
#android   #CNY2016  

You might have seen +Dead Zebra, Inc's post about this year's Android mini collectible for the 2016 Chinese New Year. ( I just managed to snag a few for me, and they'll be taking space on the shelves at home where they belong. Nice bright red colors on this one.
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Tá talentoso como sempre 
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Louis Gray

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Five years ago, my 2 year old twins got gifts from the Microsoft store

+Timehop reminded me of that trip earlier today, and to be honest, what I'm most struck by, aside from their reaction, is that I don't think their room or carpet have ever been this clean since. /cc +Kristine Gray 
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+Emil Georgiev I've used Timehop longer than the feature that works with Google Photos or the same deal with Facebook. It works. /cc +Dan Trevino 

Also, not all content I've done in the past is in Google Photos... for example, tweets, blog posts, etc.
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Louis Gray

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New Android Google Edition Figurine: Tech Stop
/via +Erin Pierce and +Dead Zebra, Inc  #android   #lifeatgoogle  

At Google, when we have issues with our laptops, tablets or phones, we have excellent colleagues trained to make things work again, and dedicated spaces, called Tech Stop. Google's famous for its cafes, yes, but smart geniuses at Tech Stop are even better. This special edition Android figurine showcases the Tech Stop employee with a zipup jacket and mandatory Ethernet cable.

For fun, you can see a deleted "Tech Stop" scene from The Internship:
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I would love to get my hand on one of these GSE's. Now, is that ethernet cable CAT6e+ ? I would expect nothing less. 
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Louis Gray

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New Android Google Edition Figurine: Product Safety
/via +Alex Ruiz and +Dead Zebra, Inc  #android  

This little fig looks to respect and protect, and comes with its own laptop and flashlight. I feel safer just knowing this droid exists.
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"Requires a wide angle lens" haha
I want to see it !
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Louis Gray

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You Can Now Buy the Pixel C on the Google Store

"Pixel C is designed from the ground up alongside its keyboard,, so you can switch in an instant between swiping and typing. Plus, the screen adjusts to different angles, so you can work or watch comfortably wherever you want."
Shop at the Google Store for Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, Android Wear, Chromecast, Nest, plus a selection of accessories.
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Any place where we can get a hands on experience with one?
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Louis Gray

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4,920 Girl Scout Cookie Boxes Just Showed Up In My Garage

It's Girl Scout cookie season. And, like last year, our home is the cookie cupboard for the area, so the truck arrived with all our pallets, and now we are overflowing with Thin Mints, Trefoils, Do-si-Dos, Savvanah Smiles and Tagalogs. Our daughter, as part of her troop, is selling the cookies, and for the first time, you can order online.

Otherwise, I have to eat all these, and nobody (except me) wants that.
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+Brad Morrison you steal it, you pay for it.
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Louis Gray

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Google's Head of Virtual Reality Won't Stop Until Everyone Is Using VR
/featuring +Clay Bavor and +Google Cardboard 

"... it was no surprise that when Google announced in June of 2014 that it had built a virtual reality headset almost entirely of cardboard, many people thought it was another of the company’s gags—if several months delayed. The project, dubbed Google Cardboard, has been anything but a joke. On Jan. 27, Google will announce that 5 million Cardboard have shipped."
Cardboard is a hit, but what else is the search giant working on?
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They're not going to get me to use it, unless they can fix the eye-focus problem. It's gives me a migrane-level headache every time I use any 3D stuff, for more than a few minutes. 
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Louis Gray

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Listen Different And Learn
#diversity   #siliconvalley   #socialmedia  

"For most people, new ideas and perspectives make us uncomfortable. It’s easier and less taxing to surround ourselves with people who agree with our worldview, and reinforce our way of thinking, to make us believe we are correct. We self-select our communities, both in the physical world, and the online space, and these friends or peers become an extension of our own identity.
A byproduct of this selection process is that our communities end up looking a lot like us and behaving like us."
For most people, new ideas and perspectives make us uncomfortable. It’s easier and less taxing to surround ourselves wit…
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Louis Gray

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Report: Chromebook sales surpassed 51% in K-12 market nationwide
#chromeos   #chromebooks   #education  

"'It's a tidal wave: Chrome is the clear U.S. market leader now,' says Mike Fisher, associate director of education technology at Futuresource. He says districts are drawn to the Chromebook’s Web-based operating system, ease of use, IT manageability and $200 to $300 price range."
Microsoft leads worldwide, but school districts are moving to lower-cost devices.
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That is great news! I still would like to see a Chromebook convertible i.e. I was hoping that Pixel-C was ChromeOS instead of Android.
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Louis Gray

Shared publicly  - 
New Android Mini Collectible: I <3 My Dog
/by +Andrew Bell of +Dead Zebra, Inc  #android   #dogs  

You already know I have lots of Android figures at home. But I also have two dogs: one beagle and one mutt. This new Android mini collectible is for all of us who are dog owners, and comes with a little dog droid to boot. Woof.
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Omg!! How to get this?!
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Louis Gray

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There was a 4 alarm house fire on our street today.

The owners appeared physically unharmed, but they likely lost much of the home. Not sure on the cause, but firefighters smashed the roof to extinguish the flames and it didn't spread to any neighboring structures.
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Ah, loose/lose.  :-)
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