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Marketing, evangelism, video production, best practices, public speaking, public relations, writing, tweeting, plussing, demand generation.
  • Google
    Program Manager, 2011 - present
    I run Google Developers Live. Prior work at Google included work on Google+, Blogger and Reader.
  • Paladin Advisors Group
    Managing Director, 2009 - 2011
  • BlueArc
    Dir, Corporate Marketing, 2001 - 2009
  • 3Cube
    Web Marketing Manager, 1999 - 2001
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Sunnyvale, CA
Paradise, CA - Denver, CO - Baltimore, MD - Guadalajara, Mexico - Los Angeles, CA - Brownsville, CA - Paradise, CA - Berkeley, CA - Belmont, CA - Palo Alto, CA
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408 646 2759
Googler, Blogger, Dad of 3

I run Google Developers Live and am the author of At home: dad to three kids five and under, including boy/girl twins.

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I snagged the GOOG +1 license plate before I joined Google.
  • UC Berkeley
    Political Science, Mass Communications, 1995 - 1999
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Louis Gray

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The Story Behind Free Tibet Goji-Chocolate Crème Pie.

This is a Google legend that has escaped the Google plex. The best part? On April Fool's Day, this story is real. Truth is always stranger than fiction.
What was once behind the longest email-chain debate in Google’s history? Pie.
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Louis Gray

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FriendFeed's Closure Another Painful Loss from a Vibrant Era of Social Media

"If you were part of the active community that made FriendFeed special in those wide-eyed years, you experienced something I've never seen with any community since (with occasional flashes on Google+ and Twitter being exceptions). If you missed it, then you missed out on seeing one of the most talented teams ever assembled working on something that was both fun and smart. And that story's final chapter is coming without us ever getting the happy ending we were hoping for. I'm not mad, just wistful at what might have been.

Long live FriendFeed."
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Louis Gray

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The Friendliest Turf War Imaginable: Ingress

There's no other 'game' like it. Get off your butt, go see the world around you, and meet new people. Ingress is a fun way to learn more about your city and accelerates your competitive spirit. Like +John Hanke, I'm on team Enlightened and am happy to make our world a little greener. (More:
"Ingress enables the friendliest turf war imaginable, though those smiles belied an undercurrent of serious competitiveness: none of us on the green team want to sleep under a blue field, as it were, and the same is surely true for agents of the Resistance."
We embed in the field and go behind the scenes of Google's augmented reality game, Ingress. Is walking through the streets of hundreds of countries the future of gaming?
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Louis Gray

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I'm really excited to see Updog launch. Excellent work +Paul Cowan!
No matter how highly-paid an engineer is, they're still a sucker for a nice bit of swag. Very excited to get this from the Updog team at work!
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Sara viki.koszi louis Gray.
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Adult Problems Suck. I Blame Drew's Cancer
/via  #blamedrewscancer  

As I get older, and, as a result, my friends do too, struggles with health, family, work or finance are hardly isolated - making it somewhat selfish to choose one cause against another. And that sucks.
/cc +Drew Olanoff +Julia Ferraioli +Justin Levy 
I quickly glossed over it during my first post of the year, when I said "Adult problems can be a real pain," but I'd be skirting around some big issues if I didn't go deeper on some very real issues that in years past would s...
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A Successful 100k Steps Leads to a Sore, Yet Happy, Christmas
/via  #fitbit100k   #teamriley  

On Monday, as I told you, +Stephen Mack and I walked a full 100,000 steps in an all day effort, to raise money for charity. We were very lucky to get support of friends to walk with us, and donations from more than fifty people, who gave +Camp Taylor Inc almost $5,000. Thank you so much for those of you who participated directly or virtually. And while we were sore the last few days, it was more than worth it.
Monday's personal record setting Fitbit dashboard Last week, I introduced a crazy and audacious goal, of knocking out 100,000 steps (as measured by Fitbit), in the name of personal achievement and to raise money for Camp Tayl...
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ricky watches porn
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Have him in circles
210,936 people
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Louis Gray

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Chromebooks for $149! Amazing Entry Level Price

It looks like I just found my kids' first laptops. While I'll be enjoying my Pixel, these new Chromebooks make it even easier to get them connected to the sites and apps they love. It's really incredible when you think these cost a fraction of say... a watch.
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I see what you did there...
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Louis Gray

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YouTube Kids: Smart, Mobile First and Child Sized
/via  #youtube   #family  

"YouTube Kids is "the first Google product built from the ground up with little ones in mind." As a dad of three kids six and under, two of whom who read fairly well and a third just trying to keep up, it's exciting to see them become the focal point for an entirely new interface."

Thanks +Pavni Diwanji +Shimrit Ben-Yair +Jonathan Terleski and all!
In December, I wrote about viewing technology through the eyes of a child. As much as I think of myself as an early adopter and 'with it' net citizen, I'm equally amused and amazed at the activities my own kids rapidly learn ...
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An Interview w/ Marketing SVP +Lorraine Twohill: How Google Breaks Through
/by +McKinsey & Company  #marketing   #lifeatgoogle  

'The way I think about marketing—and the way I tend to talk to my team about it—is “knowing the user, knowing the magic, and connecting the two.” Knowing the user means understanding who your consumers are, who your customers are. Not just knowing who they are, but what they need, what are their deep insights, and understanding how we can help them.'
Lorraine Twohill, Google’s senior vice president of global marketing, describes what has and hasn’t changed for marketers trying to connect with customers. A McKinsey Quarterly article.
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ican give you amagic ring to help you win lottery jackpot.
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Get Off My Lawn! Say Hi to the Greygler Special Edition Android Figure.
#android   #greyglers   #lifeatgoogle  

Here at Google, some of our colleagues with above average career experience (and maybe some gray hairs) call themselves Greyglers. They've been known to tell the young whippersnappers to "Get Off My Lawn!" a time or two. Appropriately, now they have their own special edition Android figurine (courtesy +Andrew Bell).

Let the begging and jealousy commence. And no, I don't have a stack laying around for you, nor a secret link for you to get yours. Not even you +Barry Schwartz.
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That is awesome, I have got to get me one of these.
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The Bay Bridge from Google SF: With and Without Fog

On Monday, I was up at Google's San Francisco office, which has a magnificent view of the Bay, and particularly, the Bay Bridge, connecting Oakland to San Francisco. I took these two photos a few hours apart, one enshrouded in fog, and one after it had burned away, from about the same angle, with the same Nexus 5. Fairly remarkable what a little sun can do.
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That fog is an illusion.
The bridge had disappeared to an observer six miles away at ground zero.
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10 New Year's Resolutions (for you) for the Year 2015
/via  #fitness   #health   #finance   #security  

In years past I've put forth fun predictions for the world in tech. And trust me, I have some predictions, but I'll hold those close to the vest. Working at Google makes predicting the future like cheating. And I won't bore you with a list of my own resolutions for 2015. Instead, I'll suggest (with bias) ten resolutions each of you (and often us too) should take this year to make our online and offline lives even better.
A new year is a somewhat arbitrary point in time to mark change. But tradition has it that we do two things when the calendar turns from December to January. We look back on the previous year, either with pride over accomplis...
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