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How Chromebooks Are About to Totally Transform Laptop Design /by +WIRED /via +Hiroshi Lockheimer

"Chromebooks are exactly the computer the world needs now: simple, secure, usable. They just work. And starting this fall, they’ll work they work the way people do in 2016: online everywhere, all the time, in a thousand different ways."
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Louis Gray

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I don't always do live events, but when I do, I team up with smart product managers about our newest features. Today, the topic was Data Studio from +Google Analytics. Check it out.
Video: Data Studio: Insights, Vision and Product Highlights (Pt. 1)
#analytics   #datastudio   #measure   #dataviz  

Earlier today, product manager Nick Mihailovski and Louis Gray held a live streaming event and took questions from users to discuss Data Studio's product vision, features and share product highlights, including a unique demo. Take the time to watch this to get the latest on our new visualization tool.
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+Louis Gray
+Nick Mihailovski

Mind B-L-O-W-N !

This could be what finally :

1) brings Google to Work

2) Recharges Google Analytics , if I could only ask for faster updates to GA please ?

At any rate Wow, Good job
So good It's Poptarts Wild Cherry Crazy Good ! - YouTube

Ps> And Lol about "Reporting is selfless" never heard that before - another keeper.
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Louis Gray

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Delicious Android Nougat...
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Nice one
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Louis Gray

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Why It's Time to Take ChromeOS Seriously
/via +Wall Street Journal  #chromeos  

"Now, to my surprise, I use the Chrome operating system for all my nonmobile computing. Thanks to continuous improvements in its usefulness and power, I increasingly think it’s the future of computing... For most of what people need to accomplish on a computer, Chrome is just better."

Welcome +Christopher Mims to ChromeOS!
Thanks to continuous improvements, Google’s Chrome operating system for PCs may be the future of computing, offering advantages for most of what people need to accomplish on a computer. That view is gaining adherents.
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Wake me up if I can play Overwatch, DOTA and run full blown Photoshop in it.
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Louis Gray

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5 Ways Right-Brained PR Pros Can Use +Google Analytics

In a few weeks, I'm headed to Atlanta and Miami for a series of conferences, culminating in a PR News presentation. I also plan to finally meet +Mike Fruchter, who more than 5 years ago, took +Adam Singer's previous role when I moved the gears on their careers from 3,000 miles away. In advance of the PR News event, they asked for some tips on how PR pros can use GA. Here's the simple result.
For the typically right-brained PR pro it can seem a little daunting to begin fussing with all this data. Luckily Google Analytics is a good place for the uninitiated to start.
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+Sigfredo Zamorano​ it's true that different parts of the brain specialise in different functions. The brain is an extremely complex, interconnected series of modules which are in constant communication with each other. From person to person, there are many variations in the inner workings of the brain but this is mostly due to genetics, experience and education.

Individuals cannot be simply categorised into one of two groups. We're just way more complicated than that. But here, this article breaks down the science of why the left brain - right brain myth is untrue, explained through neuroscience
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Louis Gray

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It's Take Your Children to Work Day at Google. My kids, along with +Jason O'Grady​'s, already asked +Laszlo Bock​ for a job.
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Great. Such lucky and happy family. Xo
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Louis Gray

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The new Acer 13 Chromebook looks pretty sweet

ChromeOS (check)
Touch screen (check)
Supports Android apps (check)
Convertible (check)
4GB RAM (check)

Debuts next month.
Acer's versatile Chromebook R 13 is one good device to run Android apps because it can be a laptop or tablet.
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At 399 I think it's too expensive...

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Louis Gray

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Fortune Bear Visits the Google Campus

My five year old left on a three day trip this week and forgot his favorite stuffed bear, Fortune. He asked me to look after Fortune and take him with me to work. So, of course, I did. Here are a few photos from Fortune's visit to Google. /cc +Kristine Gray +Terrie Gray 
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Louis Gray

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Ingress Has the World as Its Game Board

There are games. Then there is +Ingress - the best immersive experience I've been participating in for the better part of 500 days. It's simple. You visit amazing places around the world and in your backyard. You walk. You bike. You conquer. Today, I just passed 5,000 kilometers walked in the game since I started, and it's really accelerated my +Fitbit stats. So you could watch more TV or play World of Warcraft. But you should be downloading Ingress. Get moving.
Ingress, a game originally developed at Google, encourages its one million players to go to actual landmarks in far-flung places.
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Blanca mor eno Cardenas and 
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Louis Gray

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Google Demos Why Bringing Android Apps to Chromebook Is So Disruptive
/by +Paul Thurrott  #chromeos   #android  

"A few weeks back, Google announced that it would bring its Android app and Google Play Store ecosystems to Chromebook, dramatically improving the portable PC alternative. Now, the firm has released a video showing how these two platforms will work together. And this is bad news for Windows.

And as I expected, this Peanut Butter Cup pairing of two previously separate platforms—“two great tastes that go together”—is going to be disruptive."
A few weeks back, Google announced that it would bring its Android app and Google Play Store ecosystems to Chromebook, dramatically improving the portable PC alternative. Now, we can see how these two platforms will work together.
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Touch screen on a Chromebook seems to be the missing link
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Louis Gray

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The Verge: Chromebooks Outsell Macs in the US in Q1
#chromeos   #chromebooks  

You could keep buying a machine with local storage and apps that you have to install and documents that you could save locally and lose if something goes wrong or your laptop gets stolen... OR you could just use a Chromebook and have all your apps and data on every device you log in to. It's a simpler choice every day.
Google's low-cost Chromebooks outsold Apple's range of Macs for the first time in the US recently. While IDC doesn't typically break out Windows vs. Chromebook sales, IDC analyst Linn Huang...
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Louis Gray

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How the "What's Your Current Salary?" Question Hurts the Gender Pay Gap

Using an individual's current salary level as impacting their next salary ensures that pay inequality sticks around. +Laszlo Bock and others here at Google are working to fix it.
Google's Laszlo Bock argues that the "fundamental problem" lies in focusing too much on current pay, rather than on what a job is actually worth
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No employer pays "what a job is worth". They pay no more than a job is worth, which bounds salary on the upper end, and only enough to attract and retain someone who can be productive in that role; i.e. the lower end of the salary range for the job is a negotiation wherein the employer tries to maximize profit.

In other words, labor is like any other factor of production in that the most profitable substitute is purchased (note that this does not mean the cheapest employee is hired, since not all employees have the same productivity). Past salary is a quantified signal to a prospective employer as to what previous employers have felt it was profitable to pay the given candidate; i.e. a signal of past productivity. Ignoring it may be philanthropic, but it is not rational.

This article is basically the same as Ford (employer) going to Michelin (employee-candidate) and, instead of asking how much tire model X costs, simply saying "We'll pay you $25 each for tire model X, because we think that gives us a decent profit on the cars we sell that contain 4 of those tires". The likelihood that $25 is the optimal balance point for both parties is close to zero, and across millions of such purchase decisions, the likelihood is that Ford loses greatly.
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