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Tonight I Nabbed a Google Bike from a Bike Thief

Google may seem like a big faceless corporation that can afford to lose a few bikes, but the reality is that these basic rides are valuable tools for the employees who use them to make meetings and appointments across our far-flung campus. Our great facilities teams make them available for our use, and because of their trusting nature, a number are taken each year, as you can guess. It's incredibly frustrating to see these obvious Google bikes ridden around town by people who they don't belong to.

Tonight, a few blocks from home, I saw a young man (in his 20s, I assume), sitting next to one at a local business. I decided I'd see if I could get the bike back to where it belonged.

I approached him and he remained seated, wearing earbuds in his phone, as I asked him where he got the bike. He ignored me. I asked him again, and he took his earbuds out.

He mumbled, "on the street in Santa Clara."

I told him the bike was a Google bike and that I worked at Google. Could I take it? He didn't have a good answer.

I said, "can I take the bike?", and asked if the drink in the basket was his. It was. I gave him his drink. I took the bike.

Then I had the matter of taking the bike home. I popped the trunk and placed the bike in there, pinning the wheel so it wouldn't slip out in normal driving. Then with my trunk open and rear wheel loosely spinning, I drove home and the bike is now safe in my backyard. I'll return it after the holiday.

And yes, this may not have been the safest decision ever, but it was successful. Please don't steal our bikes. We'll give you free email if you choose not to.

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Welcome back to the fold, little lost gBike!
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Louis Gray

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Why did the black bear cross the road?

To get to the other side. This one was traveling the California/Nevada border, flanked by a touch of snow. All my kids got to see him stroll by.
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Very cool, nature at its finest.
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Louis Gray

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Techdirt: Google Fiber Looking Like A Disruptive Broadband Revolution

+Google Fiber can't come to my house soon enough. And if I ever left the Bay Area, I can't imagine moving somewhere that doesn't already have Google Fiber. It's a game changer.
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SO excited that things are progressing for Google Fiber here in Louisville, KY!  It can't come too soon!
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Louis Gray

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Android Halloween 2015 Special Edition Figure
/by +Andrew Bell of +Dead Zebra, Inc #android #halloween

This little figurine isn't really all that scary. Maybe it carries some kind of curse.

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Não sou muito fã desse carinha, mais até que ficou legal assim de de bruxa 
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Louis Gray

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Layoffs and Loyalty in a Liquid Valley
/via  #siliconvalley   #business  

Today, Twitter announced job cuts impacting 336 employees. I've been in a front row seat for multiple rounds of layoffs before. I've been laid off before. It's emotionally draining, and there's a tug of war for loyalty between the company and employee that never truly ends until you separate. Here are some of the stories from my experience. 
Layoffs Are Painful. Even if the X Doesn’t Land on You (Image: Dreamstime) In seventeen years of work in Silicon Valley, I’ve only left a job by choice once — in 2011, when I made the jump from being a partner at my own con...
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I've been lucky enough for not having to be laid off during my career, but I've seen many people leaving and it always throws a contagious atmosphere to the workplace that makes it as a sad experience.

How to manage the transition in your career is an important thing to care about, but as +Mike Wolfson says, it has to be viewed from the point that indeed they are just opportunities to evolve, because they really are.

Ideally, there has to be some transparency in the process. This helps for the parts to find a solution among them instead of making a fight over the unavoidable. An employer will be much ready to help you if you help them for the transition than if you fight them back. Laying off people is a very hard issue nobody likes to confront. Helping your HR manager to do so may open opportunities for the future that you don't expect.
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Louis Gray

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​Google Chromebooks: The most popular classroom computing device
/by +Steven Vaughan-Nichols  #chromeos   #chromebooks  

"... Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that "by the end of this year, there will be more Chromebooks than every other device combined" in schools. Pichai also added that every day, an average of 30,000 Chromebooks are activated and most of those sales are to new customers."
Lost in all the buzz about Google's new Nexus smartphones and Chromecast devices was that Chromebooks are now schools' favorite computer device.
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Oh, did I mention that you get a 2 year 100GB online storage for free with your Chromebook?! ;-) 
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Louis Gray

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Day two in Tahoe: A shallow lake, more trails, and ice skating

No bears today, but we didn't go up into the hills. Just lots of smiles.
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Damn, I want to go ice skating. But we're experiencing the warmest November evah in the Netherlands 😢
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Louis Gray

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Chrome OS is Here to Stay
#chromeos   #chromebooks   #chromies  

"Over the last few days, there’s been some confusion about the future of Chrome OS and Chromebooks based on speculation that Chrome OS will be folded into Android. While we’ve been working on ways to bring together the best of both operating systems, there's no plan to phase out Chrome OS."
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Good news ! Btw, I still don't understand why all shops in France have suddenly stopped to sell chromebooks. Is it the same in other countries ?
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Louis Gray

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Two thirds of my kids went as Microsoft products for Halloween

My wife made the Minecraft pixel costumes for the wolf and creeper by hand.
Nice job +Kristine Gray!
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Hensem boy..

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Louis Gray

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The Trailer You've All Been Waiting For
#starwars #youtube #theforceawakens

OK. I'm ready to see this now.
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+Robert Konigsberg​ That's what she said.
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Louis Gray

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Rocking the Project Fi jacket this morning

Of course, on the way to school, my second grader asks, "Daddy, is that jacket for Facebook?"

No. No it is not.
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Kerajaan malaysia penipu kita semua....
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Louis Gray

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Google Express Just Delivered a New OnHub

The reviews for Google's new wireless router have been exceptional, and I've honestly been a little jealous it's one product I don't already have. It's been sold out everywhere, from Best Buy to Amazon, Fry's and the Google Store online. So this morning, when I saw it on +Google Express​, I had to try and see if I could get my hands on one. And boom. It's here. I'll be setting it up tonight, and will let you know how it goes.
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Wau!! And one bridge for each home nema genial
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    Web Marketing Manager, 1999 - 2001
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