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Louis Gray

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Rocking the Project Fi jacket this morning

Of course, on the way to school, my second grader asks, "Daddy, is that jacket for Facebook?"

No. No it is not.
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Awesome!  I just chatted the Google store yesterday asking if any shirts for Project Fi.  Would love to see some T-shirts emphasizing project Fi's global scale/travel capabilities.  Saw some unauthorized ones I like, but they can't use the official logo.
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Louis Gray

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Google Express Just Delivered a New OnHub

The reviews for Google's new wireless router have been exceptional, and I've honestly been a little jealous it's one product I don't already have. It's been sold out everywhere, from Best Buy to Amazon, Fry's and the Google Store online. So this morning, when I saw it on +Google Express​, I had to try and see if I could get my hands on one. And boom. It's here. I'll be setting it up tonight, and will let you know how it goes.
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Wau!! And one bridge for each home nema genial
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Louis Gray

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Having a Clear Call to Action Can Drive Real Results
/via  #analytics   #marketing   #pr  

About 15 years ago, as we made plans to launch the first version of our website, we wanted to capture that initial traffic burst, and turn it into long-term customer engagement. Our plan: Deliver a clear call to action for our newsletter on every page. On the +Google Analytics team, I get questions often about calls to action and how to optimize landing pages. Here's one story of real success.
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Which website
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Louis Gray

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This Afternoon, I Found a Semi-Automatic 22 Handgun in My Yard.

I was WFH today, and offered to take my son shoe shopping this afternoon, between emails. As I turned past, and slightly bumped, the bush in our front yard, I heard a clatter on the walkway that sounded a lot like if you drop your phone. Instead of a phone, it turned out to be a gun. It is a small one, so I thought it was a toy, and brought it in the house for my wife to see. After looking more closely, it's labeled as a Jennings Firearms semi-automatic 22, and Google found lots of web pages about the weapon.

Why it was in our yard, I have no idea. Maybe the police officer who's scheduled to come by later will know more, about why someone chose to dispose it in our yard. (Or leave it and hope to get it again later?) But it's not the usual thing one expects to find on the way to Payless Shoes.

Of note, the photo attached is from the Web ( and is the same model we found. I'm glad I found it, and not the kids, and that neither the wife nor I managed to discharge it. Guns are dumb.
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guns are dumb until you have an intruder in your house
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Louis Gray

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First day of school!

Braden gets shipped off to kindergarten today. Awesome and AutoAwesome.
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Louis Gray

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Android Summer Edition 2015 Figurines
/by +Andrew Bell, of course.  #android  

I've had this set in the wall of fame in the home office for a while, but didn't share earlier. The right Android figure in particular is a little revealing. It may not even be safe for work.
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I got the yellow summer edition ones because they reminded me of minions - esp. the one in the speedo :-)
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Louis Gray

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​Google Chromebooks: The most popular classroom computing device
/by +Steven Vaughan-Nichols  #chromeos   #chromebooks  

"... Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that "by the end of this year, there will be more Chromebooks than every other device combined" in schools. Pichai also added that every day, an average of 30,000 Chromebooks are activated and most of those sales are to new customers."
Lost in all the buzz about Google's new Nexus smartphones and Chromecast devices was that Chromebooks are now schools' favorite computer device.
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Oh, did I mention that you get a 2 year 100GB online storage for free with your Chromebook?! ;-) 
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Louis Gray

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Marketwatch on Going Solar: Renting or Buying

Over a year ago, we entered a PPA (power purchase agreement) with +Sunrun and added solar panels to our house, with an expectation we'd save about $60,000 in the 20 year contract. We've already saved more than $4,000, and brought our monthly bills down from about $300 a month to less than $20. This month's bill is $16.16 for a standard home with kids who use electricity constantly.

If you're interested in Sunrun, check them out: or ask me anything you like. Our savings details are here:
As solar panels prices continue to fall and solar power becomes more widely available, more U.S. homeowners may wonder whether to buy or lease their systems.
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Like a public service, yes; Owner or rent, I think not yet, although is interesting the ROI
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Louis Gray

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This little bird strayed too far from the nest

Yesterday evening, at a group picnic with friends and family, the kids gathered around a tree in the park, having discovered a small bird that had prematurely left its nest. With mother nowhere in sight, eyes shut, and barely able to fly, it was in a perilous spot, be it from curious grubby kid hands, predators or simple starvation and neglect.

I was able to capture the bird and pass it to our local wildlife society so it can be rehabilitated and released (thanks to +Chris Beaupre and +Todd Beaupre). But before we passed it along, this little animation was maded from my close up photos. Tweet tweet!

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Thanks a lot, by who havent voice
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Louis Gray

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Jelly Belly CEO's Extreme Right Wing Husband Kills Party-goer With Tank

Excerpt: "That the chairman of Jelly Belly stores a fleet of military vehicles 45 miles outside of San Francisco may come as a surprise to the many whose associations with the company trend toward bubble gum over big guns. But Rowland has also been known as an avowed conservative who donated to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign, and who most recently spoke out against equal rights for trans students in California schools."

Sounds like a winner.
While at a retreat over the weekend, the husband of Jelly Belly CEO Lisa Rowland Brasher, accidentally drove a tank over a man -- crushing him in the process.
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+Robert Konigsberg exactly. No beer? None? Really? #anchorman  "I don't believe you"
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Louis Gray

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Off the Grid for a Week, Gallivanting in the Forest
#family #vacation #california #nature

You haven't heard from me for a bit. That's because this week, my family and I took a little break and unplugged. We were completely out of cell phone access (even with Project Fi!) and had no Internet ... for pretty much the whole week. We enjoyed the great outdoors and many activities at a camp in Calaveras County. On the final day, we took a trip through Big Trees State Park in Calaveras, seeing the giant Sequoia, Redwoods and more.

We're back! Here are some of the pictures.

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Use to live in CA, the redwoods are just fantastic and the giant sequoia are also. Nice trip the kids looked like they loved it. You were probably not far from Merced CA, and Atwater. Nice country out there.
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Louis Gray

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Android Boot Camp 2015 Special Edition Figure
/from +Andrew Bell of course.  #android  

I haven't posted all the new special editions recently. But here's a great one. Gotta get through Android Boot Camp to get your apps in shape.
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Cool .I want it
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