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Skateboarder, Blogger, Motorcycle Owner, Lurker and all around nutter-miscreant ninja ;) Long Beach Resident
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Long Beach, California
Irvine, California - Costa Mesa, California
Skateboarder, Blogger, Motorcycle Owner, Lurker and all around nutter-miscreant ninja ;)
Skate To Live, Live To Skate.
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The AT&T store of the future in Huntington Beach, CA

I was invited down to the AT&T store in Huntington Beach to check out their new interactive store of the future. This is the second store of

Today I met Dr. Harold Iseke D.C He takes Aetna insurance and I have not have very good experiences with previous chiropractors so I am looking for somebody that can really fix me. We started off with a consultation and I went through what's going on with my surgery and the muscles and all that kind of stuff then he noticed that I have bad posture and explained what happens when you have bad posture. After the consultation he told me what he was going to do and we got to it. He pulled out this electric massager thing that was awesome. It really dug into the muscles and felt like a massage. Then he followed that up with another one that I have felt before. It feels kind of a like a soft belt sander and really loosens you up. Then we did the adjustment part. I laid on my back, side and stomach and got some adjustments that I am familiar with. After that he took the activator to my neck but this was not that cheap one, this one is powered and I could really feel it. He really stretched my neck out and got that thing in there. I was starting to feel pretty good. After I was done seeing the doctor they took me over to the electronic muscle stimulator room and put eight of those things on me some on my neck and shoulders and some on my lower back. The gal laid a warm blanket over it all and I think I passed out for a few minutes. Pretty darn comfortable! After that I went for a ultrasound on my shoulders. They take this stuff that's like icy hot and rub it on you and then move the ultrasound wand thing around on your for 10 minutes or so. The heat from the ultrasound felt good and the icy hot stuff felt good as well. Overall I am feeling pretty good right now. I hope that Harold Iseke is going to be my guy because I like him and he is introducing me to a different kind of therapy that seems to be working.
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We purchased a 2015 Subaru cross track from Timmons Subaru about two months ago. This is my wife's first new car buying experience and she's had her eyes on this Subaru for about six months. The price was right so we decided to pull the trigger. I use USAA for everything that I do in the financial world because they hook up their veterans with crazy discounts on everything including the purchase of a new car. I also ended up purchasing the extended warranty through USAA because I have dealt with their warranty department before and I believe it is as strong as the manufacturers warranty but it was a bit cheaper. We went down to do the test drive and I really liked three things about the Crosstrek. 1. It is all wheel drive which is very helpful when you are driving anywhere. 2. It has an amazing turning radius and you can turn that car around on a dime 3. It has just the right amount of technology. Not to much not to little. After the test drive we selected a car and it was located at a dealer down the road in Torrance. The original sales guy that I was using kind of pulled a disappearing act on me which was extremely frustrating. I will not mention his name because it does not matter and what he did was not that bad because at the end of the day I got my car delivered within the 24 hour time frame I was initially promised. I would like to give a special shout out to both Mitch Atkins and Jennifer Sauer for stepping in getting this handled for us 100%. I would highly recommend Timmons Subaru if you are in the market. They are great cars and as I did have a not so favorable experience during the first 12 hours of the transaction, there are supervisors there that can and will step in and make things right. My wife loves her new car and when I am able to get it away from her I love it as well:)
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I really thought that I had found a new home when we researched Family Health Care of Long Beach. It has been a few years since I had a General Practice doctor and it was time for a physical. My wife found that her insurance covered a free physical at Family Health Care of Long Beach. She went down there and had a good experience so I made an appointment to do the same. Out of the gate I was a little confused that I got a physical scheduled on two separate days. This is the first time in 47 years that I have encountered this set up and I just had a bad feeling about it. I voiced my concern to the office staff and I was assured that there would not be any billing problems. I was also given a handout that specified the free annual physical which is pretty standard since I have been going to the doctor since the seventies. I have had miscommunication issues in the past with medical companies and their billing departments so if it is not an emergency I always ask for as much info as possible to avoid what happened to me with Family Health Care of Long Beach. The wording is really strange on there but I just told them I want a basic physical. On April 8th I went in, reviewed my medical history and then got my slip to go to the lab. This was the intro meeting and was pretty short. The next day on April 9th I met with another doctor and we basically did the exact same thing. He was kind of puzzled as why I would see two different doctors back to back on a Wednesday and a Thursday but he went along with it. If I was told that I was going to get charged for an extra visit when I walked in that day I would have declined since everything was done the day before. So I am feeling good I got my test results and everything is fine and I get a bill for the second visit. I call the billing department and they said that I do not have to pay for physicals and not to worry about the bill. Bills are the kind of thing that really stress you out when you are in constant pain all the time and you are on long term disability and unable to work due to a complication with a past surgery. A month goes by and I get another bill. This time it is different and they are billing me for both visits and not counting either of them as a physical. I call back again and I was told not to worry and it will get straightened out. I requested to talk to a supervisor at the billing department and I also requested to have the office manager call me so I can talk to somebody with some authority that can put a stop to this. My neck is in a knot as I write this review. Shame on this doctors office and its billing department!
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So I just got inspired to start tanning and after sitting in the backyard with very little results I figured there had to be a better way to get this done and I started researching tanning salons in Long Beach. I can't remember the last time that I was actually in a tanning salon my guess would be the late 80's or early 90's and what I remember from that experience was that is very expensive. After researching club tan I was able to find out that the prices were good and there is a lot of good reviews about the establishment and the owner who's name is Freddy. I popped on down there and told him that I was a newbie and what I was looking to do and he hooked me up with the discounted monthly package. Hey mixed some of his free sample lotions and explained the basics of what they do and I headed to room one and lotion-ed myself up and hopped into the tanning bed. I did not lie in one spot because I want to mix it up so I spend half the time on my back and half on my stomach. My arms and bald head are tan from just being out in the sun and stuff all the time but my unexposed areas (basically the rest of my body) where pretty white. Freddy recommended that I hop in there for 8 minutes vs the full 11 minutes and that should get me a little pink but not burned. I hopped out and was satisfied with my pink looking skin and told Freddy that he nailed it. I told him I wanted to come back the next day and go for another session and he said I should be able to do it but if I wanted to skip it that would be ok as well. I did end up going back in on Saturday for another 8 minutes and then took Sunday off because he is closed Sundays. On Monday I came back and did it again but this time I ramped it up to the full 11 minutes. I took a break on Tuesday and came back in on Wednesday and after my fourth session I noticed that I was no longer pink and I was actually getting a nice tan base coat. I'm about a week and a half into my four week tanning package and I couldn't be happier. The prices are great and Freddy is really cool. The beds are clean and he has that place running like a top. If you ask, Freddy will talk your ears off about tanning. He is a self proclaimed chatty person but he is engaged in the conversation so if you need to move on down the road he will pick up on that long before you have to excuse yourself. Most chatty people do not possess this skill and that includes myself LOL! If you just want to come in and tan and get out all you have to do is say hi, sign in and Freddy will show you to a bed. This is kind of close to downtown Long Beach and parking is always a problem in downtown. That is not the case here at Club Tan. There are parking spots out in front of the salon and there is a side street that also has parking. I have not had a problem yet and I have always had 3 places to park which is fabulous. The days of me laying out in the sun waiting for a tan to happen are over. I pop in here for 11 minutes and it is a 10 minute drive so I can get down there and back in a half hour which is a great use of my time.
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I met Dr. Askin because he is a part of the veterans choice network which is an outside provider that helps veterans with medical treatment. In typical VA fashion, I was given authorization by veterans choice to have four office visits but I didn't have any authorization to have foot x-rays or to get shots or to do anything other than taping my foot. Dr. Askin is no stranger to helping veterans and he was able to tape my foot which is a technique that he uses to retrain your feet to walk as I understand it. After going and seeing him for four weeks in a row my foot feels way better. I mean like magic proof it's all better!!! I have been walking around in pain for about six months now trying to figure out what's wrong with my foot. At this juncture we are still waiting for the VA to give authorization so I can do some of the other things that are necessary such as orthotics. In the meantime I am able to go from week to week pain free which is really what this is all about. I give no thanks to the VA or veterans choice for being so worthless but I give five stars to Dr. Askin for being a rockstar and being very understanding.
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Michael's on Naples is doing something relatively new and it is called Meatballs. Music. Manhattans. This happens on one Monday of each month. This particular event was the 2nd one and to me it looks like the event is getting some nice traction. I arrived at about 8 PM which was perfect because the dinner rush was over and I like it when it's not super crowded. The level of service at Michael's on Naples is amazing! I have been here a few times and it is very common for the General Manager or even the owner himself to walk up and chat with you about what you are eating or drinking and why they put it on the menu. I had a good conversation with Kevin Lanctot about the food portion of the event and then Kevin Chisam broke down the cocktails for me. I started off with the Belve-buck which ended up being my favorite drink of the night and then I had 3 variations of the Manhattan which were all good as well. For food, I tried a variety of meatballs, arugula and a few other things on the menu and a few things stood out for me. I was a big fan of the beef, veal and pork meatballs and I also liked the Belve-buck a lot because it had a nice ginger flavor to it. Check out their website for upcoming dates and if you have not been to this event before, I highly recommend it because it is a different and fun way to spend your Monday night:)
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The chowder barge is a floating barge in Wilmington and I brought my wife down here for a little breakfast. My original plan was to come down for some chowder but since it was still early, we both went with eggs Benedict with hash browns and lots of hollandaise sauce The Chowder Barge is off the beaten path a beat and is in the small marina. They seem to have ample parking and I have never had a problem finding a spot. As you walk into the restaurant, you see all sorts of cool decorations. There is a bar off to the left that sits about 12 people and then the dining area is off to the right. Everything is super old school here and the people that work here are great!
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