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Did you spend the best part of 2016 on a fitness and dieting rollercoaster?

If "life" is getting in the way of your health and fitness goals stop the yo-yo effect and get a kick-start on 2017. Download my FREE eBook "Health, Fitness & Chasing Dreams"

Get instant access ➡️

🌟There's sooo much information at our disposal these days and it has NOT made things much clearer in terms of what to eat or how to train for long term health and sustainable results

🌟Through my eBook I want to teach you how to make real changes to your physique in the most time efficient way possible and reach success health & fitness

🌟I have put this eBook together so I can share what I have learnt over my long and winding journey; from Dual Olympic Medalist, to being a certified personal trainer, working with clients as a nutrition & wellness coach and most importantly, a mum of two💕

➡️To get your copy simply go to;

>>><<< and you can get instant access

🌟In my eBook you will discover:

• Secrets of an Olympian - how to train smarter to get your body
and mind in peak physical condition
• Top 12 ways to a healthier you, starting today! (and boost your
metabolism while you are at it!)
• Being a high achiever - dealing with failure, chasing success and having gratitude
• Clock off, switch off: How to reduce your stress and create a
work - life balance
• 4 ways to work out while travelling
• Your 7 day meal plan to success
• Recipes, workouts & much more!

I can't wait to get your feedback and see your amazing results...

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Do you have big dreams for 2017, but are unsure where to start?

Download my FREE goal setting guide and get a kick-start to success this year. Get instant access here:


This guide is part of my MBB program and something I personally use in day to day life.

It will help you break down your goals, focus on actions that will get results and help you make progress each day to reach success - whether your goals are related to health, fitness or business goals, this guide is a great place to start. Don't forget to check out the video.

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What a way to clear your head...

Run + HIIT workout...

For the full workout head to

#hiit #mindbodyblitz #personaltrainer

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Mind and Body Blitz is here! Complete package for a lifestyle overhaul. Get instant access to recipes, meal plans, workouts, goals setting guides, nutrition guidelines and more... And round the clock support to help you achieve your goals, check it out at


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Ready for serious results this year? Want to test the limits?

HIIT group class focussing on abs, butts, arms – get lean!

Body Sculpt by Loudy Wiggins Fitness. It’s unlike any workout you have done before. High Intensity Interval Training, designed to get results, but still focusing on technique and range of movement.

45 minutes, includes warm up, strength, cardio, core stability work and recovery. Your body will love you for it. It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s addictive. Be warned, once you start you will be hooked!

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Serious about Health and Fitness? Want to learn how to train smart? Get your FREE eBook, "Health, Fitness and Chasing Dreams" at now!
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