+The Drink and Click Show, EP13 with guest +Athena Carey

We had a great time on the show this past Wednesday! Did you miss it? Watch it now! :) +Juan Gonzalez and I were joined by special guest Athena Carey, and we had a chance to chat with her about her imagery, including finding out why she processes images primarily in monochrome, and her thoughts on many of her long exposure images, as well as some gear talk to appease the gearheads. ;-) Additionally, she shared some news about upcoming ventures, including photo tours and a photowalk.

For those interested:
Virtual & Photographic tours in South Africa with Athena Carey, a project in partnership with +Armand Dijcks: www.africawithathena.com
The Taste of Northern Ireland Photo Tours & Workshops with Athena and +John Dunne: http://www.lightlandandsea.com
Donegal, Ireland Photowalk with Athena, John Dunne, & +Andy Bitterer: http://goo.gl/5dIuXJ

We were also joined by panelists +Cameron Siguenza, +Mark Esguerra, and +Andrea Naylor who each shared some lovely images and chatted with us about their various interests and projects.

During the show, we unveiled the winners of the Drink and Click™ June Challenge: "Blue / Golden Hour". +Martin Schunack, +Graham Knights, and +Bob Dansereau took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively. Thanks so much to our prize sponsors: +BlackRapid, +c't Digital Photography, & +Think Tank Photo!

Remember to watch us every month on the second or middle Wednesday at 9:30PM CST. Our next show is on Wednesday, August 13th with special guest and illustrious wanderer, +Jordan Oram.

Don't forget to join in on your city's monthly +Drink and Click™ Photowalk Event - you get to take photos, socialize with people who share your interest, and have a chance to win great prizes. Check the website for a chapter in your area!

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