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Please join co-host +Thomas Hawk and myself tonight for another great episode of +Photo Talk Plus LIVE at 8PM PST - you can view and chat via +Vidcast Network at or via On Air Hangouts on +Thomas Hawk's profile.

Tonight's special guest is none other than the fantabulous +Alan Shapiro! You won't want to miss his interview or our discussion of this week's top G+ Photography stories with him and panelists +Dave Cohen, +Chrysta Rae, +Jeffrey Sullivan and +Keith Barrett. Also, there's an off chance that Alan will be surrounded by a harem and show us his underwear. Pre-talk shows got a little confusing, so I'm not making any promises, but….

Thanks so much as always to our great show sponsors +SmugMug & +Drobo! Check them out at their brand pages here on Google+ and visit them on the web at and

See you in a few hours! Bring your questions and be ready for FUN. :)
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It is good composition and color balance.
wundervoll - dieses klare Detail sieht man sonst nur an der echten Blüte
Oh +Lotus Carroll you left out the midgets vertically challenged guys who are part of my entourage and had prepared a wonderful interpretive dance sequence for the opening. Now they are pissed and have locked and double-bolted themselves in the studio with the harem and my underwear. yikes
+Alan Shapiro Gee, they must be a pretty disgruntled group. Tell them I'll show them my boobs in the after-show hangout if they show up. ?
+Lotus Carroll Just told them and they started tittering (yup, to easy to resist)
and they are now making up Oompah-Loompah-esque songs about you.

"Oompa Loompa doompadee doubt
Lotus's boobies will soon be hanging out"
C'mon...everybody sing along...
<--- Staying for the aftershow.
"Oompa Loompa doompadee ditz
Come to the aftershow and stare at Lotus'... (oh never mind)
Sounds like a good group of photogs! I'll be sure to tune in :)
runs and gets cheerleader outfit and brings margarita Machine to the office PARTY!
Stunning color and beautiful background bokeh...
ZING POW!!!!! That sure is pretty. And yes! Super excited about this show!
noor h
Reminder of summer, long gone
superb color combination..... nature's gift...
prefect :) well nothing is perfect but it is great
elegancy with expertise outpour this everlastig hopes and faith.
Manu H
super nice
supereme beauty and enhancing splendid tune and breath glorious fantasia
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