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If You Don't Believe In Magic
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The clouds around the sun and orange on purple are simply divine :-)
.........then you don't deserve a cookie. he he. Great shot! ;-)
I believe in science :-) When the air is cold and the Sun is rising or setting, ice crystals can reflect sunlight and create that unusual column of light. As those ice crystals fall from higher level clouds, air resistance cause them to align in the same direction, creating the pillar effect.
Nessa eu acredito e me encanto com a sensibilidade do olhar de que captou a imagem! Amei!
How Awesome !! is this sun set!!!!Always,Lori H-Smith 14th. April 2012
+Mark Esguerra If you don't believe in magic, you deserve an endless number of cookies where the baker forgot to add sugar, and no milk, ever. :)

+QT Luong *fingers in ears* LALALALALALALAL MAGIC.

+Lori Holder-Smith A beautiful sunset in Houston, TX that took my breath away and caused me to hop out of a car and run down streets, jumping in and out of ditches to get the right view. :)
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fatma,,,,,,,,,,,,
Lotus Carroll you have to be quick with sunsets and sunrises they
can change in seconds and I believe in magic.
not magic- that's got God written all over it!!!!!!
Its always amazing to see nature at its best.......
ohhh yes very nice picture
That's not magic, that's something the one true Lord of the Universe made!
magic? looks like a particular time of day to me. beautiful, but not magical.
nice !!!!!!!!!!! osm picture !!!!!!
this is nature *******
it's not beautiful!it's sexy!so sexy!
this is very common uncommon thing.
if we don't have it then we will respect it.
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Feng Ye
i believe in magic and magic wands and eating trolls.
This Magic will only be prepared for those who love their life.You got it.
Magic 4 excitement through entertaintment ....let experiense it...
Red skies at morning, sailors take warning. Red skies at night, sailors delight.
Liz Lui
Incredible colors!