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Maybe I'll Just Run The Other Way
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There must an even better picture to take in the opposite direction if Lotus is running away from this one! I love the open road!
Somewhere down the road are road gonna cross again
Nice b/w scenic. Great clouds. That doesn't look like a Texas road. Was that during your Death Vally shoot?
Not only great photos but great captions. You are a poet, are you not.
Love those leading lines.
My husband loves to paint highways-he would love this!
Bugatti veyron test drive track
The photo is giving positive energy.
Beautiful picture of a lonely highway. Lovely.
Sharp! Love how the road runs seemlessly forever.
Holy cow.. that was my first thought... just fantastic. I can feel myself being pulled into the image.
josh h
miles of miles
Beautiful shot, lovely clouds! :)
magnificent scene... love this
i always love photos like this , it seems to be about choices.. or the way we are moving on through
when i look at this picture i feel like walking on a oneway track.
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
somehow I'm neither here no there.THE WAY OF LIFE.......
that photo just pulls you on...makes you want to discover whats at the end of the road.
Love the image. Reminds me of riding my bicycle from Kansas to the Pacific. Thanks for adding me to your circles. :)
will that distance be shorter than this??
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