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+Photo Talk Plus EP19 with +Jeffrey Sullivan Tonight at 8PM Pacific!

Please join us at tonight at 8 with special guest +Jeffrey Sullivan and our wonderful panel including cohost +Thomas Hawk, +elizabeth hahn, +Gerard Sanz of Google, +Anna Lowry, +Stephen Trainor, and +Keith Barrett of +Vidcast Network!

We'll be discussing photowalks, including the +The White House walk this past weekend and upcoming America By Rail photowalks with +Jordana Wright and more, as well as interviewing +Jeffrey Sullivan.

Thanks so much to our amazing sponsors +SmugMug http:/ and +Blurb Books and to all of you who tune in every week at +Vidcast Network - please hang out in the chat with us for the show and aftershow!

See you tonight! :)
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Ah, dang~~all the good ones happen when I'm at work. :o(
a fantasy road trip mental imagine captured is near surreal photo. Bravo!
What's the "America by Rail" photowalk? I'm intrigued... :) (Edit: and yes, I'll be watching)
Great image. Great guest. Great panel. Great topics. Fantastic hosts. Am I missing anything? Oh yeah. Great show. Break a leg +Lotus Carroll and +Thomas Hawk .
Excellent use of leading lines. I like it!
Lovely vanishing point drawn into the cloud play
Great capture! Love it!
I can't wait!
Better conduct a test hangout to test the cell phone reception (my Internet connection) during the storms today...
may i know where it is?

that would be cool to long board the road
Thanks for sharing this view....This is one heck of a greatest views I've ever seen.
جاده اسم من و فراد می زنه ، می گه امروز روزه دل بریدنه .
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This is a cool photo... the clouds look like something out of the simpsons .. the sky is so bright!
road leads to heaven, wow pic
jac jac
Magnifica imagem as nuvens passeando no azul celeste .
wow! only if Arizona looked this beautiful i would love it
uffffffffffff yar ye mousam kyamat layega
straight to heaven......
shall we go for a rideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Right Bhaskar..... ideal place & Road for a rideeeeeeeee!!!
"The road above and the road down under" .. Beautiful place captured nicely in the frame!
Never try to be near or far,
but what matters is what you have lived,
one of my fave rate camera angle........................
Beautiful shot! Reminds me of coming up on the Mountains from New Mexico to Colorado.
Bo Xu
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