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And So We Meet Again
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Great picture like the technique you use for making it :)
Or, those two chairs look like some you had in another life with someone else, who is gone
Love the color of the of picture. Unique concept. 
Great concept, did you stage this or just stumble upon it?
this makes me feel so lonely and depressed for some reason... pretty.
When I look at it the song and the video for Damien Rice's "The Blower's Daughter" come into my head. It has the same sepia tones, the beach, the dunes...everything. Can't take my eyes off of you... oh shit. have to go now. sad, sad :(
Nice, but I can't help but notice they would be missing out on the view!
No view of the sea can ever compare to the view of the one that you love...
This is a mirror image, which makes it all the more interesting on many levels
1. cover your mouth with your hand
2. whisper a wish into your hand this on three other comments
4. look and your hand
Nice pic. but there ain't no one there to meet, must be an abstract
that is a very interesting picture i wishi new what it was about!!!
cute.. this reminds me of grandparents who still stay together..
Nice work. I just noticed it's a reflection - the left half of the picture is a reflection of the right half (or vice versa).
When I look at it all I can imagine is me in one chair and my higher power in the other, thank you. X
All I see is me and my higher power having a heart to heart x
Perfect place for a job interview.
Nice eye Mathew! I see exactly what your talking about and yes it does look mirrored. Its not noticeable till you look at the grass. None the less it is a nice picture.
You are quite right matthew moser it does as though it has been mirrored.
Sea, Sky and Chairs... a time which is no more there...
It is reflected across a plane in the direct middle.
Either way...the picture means a lot, I could care less if it was shopped or natural :)
Omg, you know what that looks like? An person going to heaven once you said that concept.
Love the picture, so simple but so conplex at the same time.
nyc plc.kant imagn me seated in on f those chairz xchangn wadz wt...
Wow Lotus. This is just awesome. Looks so peaceful. Love it!
This is a very strong composition (deceptively simple). I like the soft negative space which is like the profile of a woofer with a big heavy magnet between the chairs. Strange patterns=magnetism
Obviously mirrored! My first glance allowed me to see the beauty, stillness and expectancy of the image. Somehow realising that it is manipulated it invalidated the initial narrative it instilled and now it is simply a pleasing image!Oh to happen or recreate this to create a genuine narrative!
it is a dull picture but its cool yeah u can see the mirrored effect
For you morons who say great pic .. its a mirrored image .. ie photo-shopped .. look at the seam down the middle ..
Why be an ass? It's still a nice pic. Do people's ego's or intelligence really need that much stroking, that they have to be crude or obnoxious about everything? I promise, whatever you get out of being this way, other, truly intelligent people, just think,"Jerk", Put up one your amazing, non photo-shopped pics, and let us ooh and ahh over it, and mean it.
Anh Luu
this pic make me feel...
i like it Lotus the mirror effect u can't notice it at first cos what strikes first are two empty chairs, nice one
I meant for it to be no secret that part of my post processing of this image was using a symmetry effect. I appreciate that viewers ask questions or are interested in the way the image was created, but I'd have to ask why anyone would imply that there is anything lost in discovering that there is a mirroring effect. The process is of interest to anyone who has an inquisitive mind, particularly for those who wish to learn, but outside of that, what does it matter how a piece of art was made if you can appreciate the end?

Calling another commenter a "moron" or "dumbass" mostly makes you look like one.

If the image moves you, let the rest be. I'm not hiding my process, it's not a "trick" and I'm not in the least worried or ashamed of it. There is also a texture applied to the piece to make it look vintage. Both effects were applied using FX Photo Studio PRO for anyone interested.

I love seeing the comments that share what you guys feel - who you thought of sitting in those chairs, the music it brought to mind, the feelings it evoked. I thank you all for your comments. They reward and inspire me further.
it look like the place waiting for warmest sunrise
someone is coming...or has left
That is a great picture. It captures so much. Wow. And Thanks!
There is something about this image I really liked - and then I realised it was the same image twice.
Gooooood morning and have a nice day
fascinating honey...let's have a trip to s.where like this...
Very nice but your "split line" is showing. lol
can you tel me how you did it, i wanna give a try
Excellent - wonder which chair made the comment?:)
seagull a scene like that just around the corner here
charming, touching, emotional art.
fantastic, tnx this is the one i looking for, tnx u r just fabulous,,tnx N tnx
I've seen this in my dream.
Sometimes in our lives, we have no one who wants to sit next to us... =(..
We often meet our destiny on roads we choose to avoid it :-)
Eva G.
Würde ich in einem dieser Stühle sitzen, wäre ich dennoch einsam, wenn es niemanden gibt der bereit wäre auf dem Anderen platz zu nehmen