#SelfPortraitSunday This Weekend - September 18th!

Everyone is invited to share an image - join us in capturing a current self portrait!

Theme: No theme this weekend, so you can do whatever you want! :-D

Please read this post for the guidelines and FAQ for Self Portrait Sunday: http://goo.gl/yKA6x9
(For “old school” participants, please note that this has been recently revised!)

We are no longer using Events, as they are being phased out and we need to keep this working for everyone. We have a Self Portrait Sunday Category in the ASP Community, and going forward, we’ll make all posts and entries for #selfportraitsunday to that category, which can be found here: http://goo.gl/HJuATd (If you are not a member of the Community, please request to join so that you can participate - it’s easy to join and we are happy to have you!)

You can post your #SPS image to the Self Portrait Sunday Category whenever it is Sunday where you live, during this weekend’s “event” (Sunday, September 18th).

Please only post one photo to the event. That photo should be taken during the event weekend, or the week prior to the event. Please no dipping into the archives. Your photo can be taken from Monday, September 12th up until the event weekend.

As always, have some fun!
Everyone is looking forward to some great self portraits. :-)

Any questions? We have moderators and members in the Art of Self Portraiture Community who can help you along the way. Drop in and ask questions: http://goo.gl/W69Ohj

If you'd like to, you can also share your image on the FB SPS Event. Check the FB ASP page for details: FB ASP Page: www.facebook.com/artofselfportraiture 

Thank you to +Joanna Koziara for letting us use her image on this post! Maybe we'll use yours next time. :)

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