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+Photo Talk Plus on TONIGHT 8PM Pacific with +Mickey Osterreicher

Go to tonight - after you watch +LIFE Through The Lens stick around for +Photo Talk Plus (usually airing on Wednesdays) at 8PM with Award Winning Photojournalist and Attorney for the National Press Photographer's Association, +Mickey Osterreicher.

What a great show it will be - come ready to ask Mickey all your photography/art/legal questions. We have an amazing panel available for discussion as well, including cohost +Thomas Hawk, Photography Is Not A Crime Blogger +Carlos Miller, +Chris Chabot of Google, +Tamara Pruessner from +LIFE Through The Lens, photographer +Sandra Parlow, and +Keith Barrett of +Vidcast Network.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, +SmugMug and +Blurb Books! They provide great products and services for photographers. +Thomas Hawk was at SmugMug HQ this past week and filmed a live hangout tour, which you can see here:

So join us this evening and get in the chatroom with us at and hang out at 8PM Pacific. Be ready with your questions for +Mickey Osterreicher and our panel and to have a great time. See you all there!
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Look like a good time as always, looking forward to it
+Vivienne Gucwa Every once in a while it might be necessary because of scheduling issues - like tomorrow night I'm leading an #AmericaByRail Photowalk in San Antonio, so we're having this week's show tonight. :)
they arrest people for stupid things when they do bad things them selves
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