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Lotus Carroll
Photographer. Poet. Dreamer.
Photographer. Poet. Dreamer.


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human being human

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if your hair doesn't get messed up, you didn't have as much fun as you could have 😉

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Are you a student and a photographer?

Did you know that SmugMug (one of our amazing "mega challenge" sponsors) offers a student discount? That's right - if you're a student, you're eligible for 50% off your first year on all plans. 🤘🏻🎉

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do not deny yourself
simple joys
just because you are
no longer a child -
adults who forget
how to play have lost
half of what it means
to be alive at all.

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she thought she knew
what her heart was for
thought sharing it
would buy her love
but every time
she gave it away
all she was left with
was an empty chest
and a hole in her soul
ready to fill with regrets.

#silhouette #longexposure #night
#selfportrait #selfportraitartist #artofselfportraiture
#poetry #writing #ibelieveinwords

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•everything just so balanced•

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•suds and solitude•

#selfportraitsunday #relax

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i entrusted you
with all versions of myself;
precarious choice.

#nature #macro #refraction
#ibelieveinwords #haiku

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i: chasing nothing
here in this moment, the now
feeling everything

#poetry #haiku #nature

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The winner of our “Fly / Levitate” Challenge is Joan Roch!

His winning image, which received the most votes from our community moderators during winner selection, can be seen here.

Judges’ impressions:

A very original "four-pieced" self portrait where the strong, bright colors and design of the background contribute to the overall energy of the image - this one you can't overlook! ~ +Annie Weibull

I knew this was a winner from the first look. Super creative concept and a whimsical sense of surrealism instantly drew me in. After that I started looking at it from a technical standpoint and you nailed that part as well, as it is flawless in your execution... outstanding image! ~ +Mark Rodriguez

I love the idea, the concept and the originality of it all.... It is just an image that makes me laugh... And laughing is good. Plus the technical aspect is outstanding. ~ +Ricardo Williams

What I loved about this shot was the refreshing take on levitation. You gave me something I hadn’t seen before and it was funny too. ~ +Sam Breach

I couldn't look away from this when i first saw it... the shadows and the pose of the legs are really eye-catching, and agree that it's a different take on levitation and I LOVE it! ~+Stacy Vitallo

What I loved about this image was that it was very unexpected! I loved the playfulness of the split person, colors, processing. It all came to a very fun image. ~ +Joanna Koziara

This image is visual striking, technically interesting and wonderfully whimsical! I love it. ~ +Lotus Carroll

The combination of colour, movement and creative angle made this image immediately stand out to me. He took the idea of levitate further! ~ +Paul Bagley


Stay tuned for a featured artist spotlight on Joan where he will answer some questions about photography and self portraiture and share more of his work with us. <3

Great job to everyone who submitted - thanks for participating and sharing your art with us!

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