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Web apps simplified!
Web apps simplified!

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We're a group of developers providing web solutions to various organizations. We provide web products such applications, content-management systems, and e-commerce centered in providing a great user experience.

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So... +Google+ Your Business is great and all. I Got a page set up... more or less. Maybe I should have made more content before "officially" making it. No biggy. But, and there is almost always a but, it is linked to MY personal Google+ account. Is there a way to add others to "administer" it? I mean I don't want to give others access to my Google account (because my life is on there) but I do want to give others access to make posts and do stuff on behalf of +Lostonia Interactive.

P.S After writing the above I found this thread (linked) after looking for about .5 secs (probably should have looked first...). It explains how some people at +Google+ may not be psychic enough to realize this would be a problem and this feature should have been completed before the launch. No ETA on it.. so +Gerardo Ornelas, you will have to wait.
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