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OFFICIAL: The Lakers have exercised a team option on Andrew Bynum’s contract for the 2012-13 season.

Press Release:
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Does he get new knees and some anger management classes wit that?
He better grow up and play like a star the entire season, his on and off  inconsistent contribution will be a BIG no no !
Hopefully the next step is trade him
Meh. I hope it's so they can trade him...
get rid of andrew bynum, im sorry, but paul gasol is better
to Williams; if he wants to be great, he has to be Nasty!!! Nice guys finish last.
Nasty as in cheap shots on people don't make no one great.
lakers will have no inside proformer and no good rebouder
Leo T
Bynum is such a dope but he is a baller (when he wants to be) and let's face it, he's the future of the Lakers now that Kobe's retirement is on the horizon.  We will have to put up with Bynum's shit just like Boston will have to put up with Rondo's shit. No difference!
if only he would stay focus for this year..
i think that early year trade deadline rondo for gasol is good. Even though they utilize 2 7"0, it is better for perimeter defender and triple-double threat. Also, Rondo could rebound and assist better than Ramon Sessions, who is a good point guard but could be better
Andrew Bynum has to go!! He should be traded to the Nets.
Bynum will never be the future of the Lakers. He doesn't have it in him.
Bynum has to grow up and be a player. Let's face it, if Lakers trade Bynum then Gasol will be all alone defending the paint and making shots near the basket. Lakers can not afford getting rid of Bynum or Gasol
He doesn't deserves the Purple & Gold in my book 
We need Bynum. I'd hate to have Howard bitch ass get bumped out the paint by a pg on the lakers. He better than Howard anyway. Gasol just need to play tougher. His talent is unmatched. And kb24. My man. Just need to take the lebron route and take the easiest shots on the floor. He'd win scoring title back to back. 
He needs to play like an all star in the playoffs and become a monster in the regular season
ojala y contraten a un buen armador
Hes just a chess piece for a player that can help then win. 
bynum needs to act like his age, not his number. He isn't Reggie Miller to shoot 3's and isn't Hakeem, Bill, Ewing therefore not the best center of all time. He is the best in the leauge but needs to mature. Lakers need him
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