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Thanks Fish. We will never forget all that you have done for the Lakers.
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yea thank him for 5 championships with a trade for a bench warmer and a draft pick. CLASSY LAKERS!

LA i hate i why would u trade my idol he is the only reason i play ball man u killed my dreams
You can keep your dreams to play ball. Players come and go.. it is reality.
+Los Angeles Lakers 2 hours later than Luke's "goodbye" post. But better late than never! Thanks D-FISH for your professionalism and the memories!
He should just go ahead and retire as a Laker!
I love this guy too,hope he will do better in houston
Some of the greatest moments in the NBA were delivered by Derek Fisher. Perhaps I'll start visiting Houston instead of LA.
.4 hey you never know you might come back. Best of luck to you and family.
I'm a Clippers fan, but I have great respect for Derek Fisher! Great Job Man!
If you wanted to thank someone who gave a lot for you, keeping him would of been the best way. Your really messed up Lakers office
Always be a Laker to me.
hurts to see u go fish. A true leader and clutch when it matters most. I hate the biz side of the NBA
lakers the best my fav. team in basketball go lakers
I cant understand the Rockets ' behavior …
Im a knicks fan. But i always respected Fish. great floor leader, 5 chips, what more can you ask from him. Good Luck in Houston, let them know whats up.
its about time, he's gettin old. But still one of my favorites.
The business part of the NBA caught up with my man Derek Fisher along with father time. Thanks for all the great memories. You are a Laker for life my brother!
Much respect to D. Fisher. We got 5 Championships. You will always be remember as Laker. Good luck in Houston D. Fish.
Hey what you do on a court is what you do. Not what Fish, Kobe, Magic, Bird, Kareem and all the greats do. Be your own great player or however far you want to take it bro. You control your own destiny...=)
Yeah, I used to hate things too. I thought it was cool too.
so cool i hope lakers can be the winners...
"So long, and thanks for all the Fish."
I can't be the only one thinking this, right?
We def will miss the moments when D-Fish came in the nick of time when contributing for those clutch 3 point plays.
wat happened to him did he trade teams or sumthin?? im lost
they traded him and a first round-pick(mavericks) for Jordan Hill from the rockets
I'm Chinese and I can't speak English very well , but I'm wondering that how does Fisher"s daughter going on ?
+王冠宇 You write & speak better English than I speak Chinese.
GOOD LUCK FISH you are a class act thanks for not being a douche when i bothered you for a pic while with family YOU ARE A LAKER 4 LIFE
My mother was always a fan of Derek
Like a fish leaving its long habitat, just needs to adapt or maybe go to heat, bucks, or celtics.
derek fisher. nba player . used to play for thee lakers, now for the houstan rockets.
wait, if u don't like basketball, why are u commenting on this?
Sad to see you go D. Fish, thank you for helping us win some championships. I remember all the crazy game winners you hit, especially the one against San Antonio. Always will be a Laker in my eyes. :(
Fish is all heart. He will be missed. I will never forget game 3 of the 2010 finals in Boston. Fish is a true champion on/off the court. Players like him don't come very often. Wish him the best!!!
Yeah , thanks for choking in last years playoffs . Mavs fans thank you. 
The headline should say: So long and thanks for all the Fish. Lost opportunity.
Isn't that "So long, and thanks for all the fish"?
Good luck will always be a Laker and a Champion. Don't take it to us too hard next week.
D Fish... Lakers will miss you and your saving 3 point shots! 
+Carl Ashby that's exactly what I was thinking!! lol
You suck and I don't care about the lakers, im a orlando magic fan!
did you guys cry like this when he left for Utah?
So long, and thanks for all the FISH
Shady, shady, shady. First Lamar & now Fisher. Wow. The only two cool cats they had left & now they're gone. Pathetic. He was the heart of the team. Eff the Laykers!
Im so happy to see him go !! time to move on to some damn youth!
Alex Wu
Fish, Forever one of my Favorites <3
A real fighter and was a major pain in the you-know- where for Celtic fans. Thanks for the memories.
Jazz fans haven't forgotten either.
The winning attitude is always with him.
Fisher, you are the best. Love you <3
going to be odd seeing fisher in a red and white jersey isn't it? after watching lakers all these years and there was fisher.
I lot of memories........Fisher is a great player,he will always be a Laker.
The bait caught the Fish! (trade bait)
爱你老鱼,记我的青春#LOVE YOU,FISH.
i forgot what he has done for the lakers already.
Thanks Fish! Wish you could've finished it out as a Laker. True Laker legend.
derek fisher yeah but the rest of the good
What's everyone so sad for. The rockets are gonna buy him out and he'll be a Laker again
Thank you D Fish for all you done
fish you stink i am so glad that we don't have to smell you u dead fish
he doesnt sink he just gettin old
WELL MISS U FISH!!!!! aww :'(
fish. i won't forget you! plese return!!!
Fisher king aka Mr.04
i know about tht but i like derek fisher
Thank you Derek. We will never forget you. We wish you the best luck.
<3 u lil rock! Fish ull be missed!
you are a forever Laker !thank you for all you have done for us !
might not be a hall of famer but will get his jersey will be retired
ill miss you so muck fisher. thank you for all that youve done as a starting point guard in laker history. we wish you best of luck as a free agent.
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