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Former self help junkie & reforming procrastinator, speaking from the heart on my own struggles and experiences. So you don't have to.
Former self help junkie & reforming procrastinator, speaking from the heart on my own struggles and experiences. So you don't have to.

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When you have a list of things to do and you are feeling completely overwhelmed – where do you start?

As Sister Maria said in the Sound of Music – “Start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start...”

But where is the start?

It could be anywhere and it could be anything and it could be as simple as sewing that button back on your favourite shirt. It dropped off 2 years ago, but you’ll get around to that one day.

For me it started with feeling stuck – so...

I decided to do something about it – consequently I’ve taken this spring cleaning malarkey very seriously this year.

But it's not just the house that's getting sorted out. It's everything that has been stuck in the I’ll get round to that one day.

I started with the easy stuff – book the bloody medical appointments and checks Elle FGS.

- Eye test – booked, test done, new glasses - check
- Mammogram – booked and completed - so my work colleagues will stop bugging the crap out of me. (I got the results the other day – all clear BTW

Next came the passport renewal. So I went to the post office only to find out that all renewals are started online... Home and fill in the forms online, print out, get photos done, go back to the post office. Have more photos done because the chemist versions were crap. The new photos are still terrible, but it does mean that I can travel again. But more of that in a moment!

While I was doing those things, I've been working on getting my car ready for exchange and sale. Niggling things that I hadn't gotten around to doing – well they’ve been gotten around to and done. More phone calls, more appointments and unfortunately in a couple of cases a bit more money. I have seen the car I'm getting. The bank has said not a problem. So that can now be completed before the end of the year ... and that’s a definite as I signed the paperwork LAST NIGHT – thanks Mike for the assist.

My Christmas shopping was completed weeks ago and it was done by buying one gift a week. And yes I started quite some time ago – but it meant that I did not have to find all the money at once. As my daughter’s birthday is on 12th night – that was an important consideration. And yes that gift has been purchased and put away as well.

Of course the house is getting a buff and polish, but more importantly stuff we don't need is being recycled or disposed of.

But - one of my biggest sticking points, apart from a serious lack of money has been my diet. So that is also getting an overhaul. This may sound silly, but now I have my hair the colour and length almost right I just need the body to go with it. The exercise is going well after coming back from injury; it's just time to clean up the diet – and I am doing that one meal at a time. Cut back on portion sizes, add more water, and remove the white and beige.

My list of things to do isn't really getting any shorter, but things are getting done, one tiny thing at a time.

As I have said to you many times, there is no such thing as overnight success. But we can have over life success – and that is what this is all about.

So I mentioned getting my passport renewed. We are heading back to the USA in March 2017 and I was wondering if you would like to meet up? I can confirm part of the itinerary – we will be in California, San Francisco, Vegas, Utah and Arizona. So if you would like to meet – and assuming you’ve read this far – respond in the comments and we’ll start working on the details – and yes I am thinking Master Classes and Workshops if you are interested.

I'll post an itinerary later, but keep an eye on Facebook because that's where it will hit first.

If you’ve read the free e-book I mention that most people only really get around to doing those things they are either passionate or pissed off about. My Spring has been a mix of both and it has worked.

What will motivate you?

- See more at:

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If you would like to become more successful it would make sense to know what habits "successful" people have and incorporate their habits into your way of life. In doing so you will soon find there is less room for the bad habits we don't think we have.

Habits of successful people include the following:

They know exactly what they want. they are absolutely clear on their thinking and take appropriate action.

They do the things that bring them the most money - FIRST

They don't spend ALL day lurking on facebook, Twitter or MySpace - in fact a lot of the uber successful have outsourced this function as well as other things (more on this in a minute). In reality they have set times to log on, check their interactions and emails and they close it down again. They don't have dozen windows / tabs open on their computers. When they do post a message / link - it is always to add value to their readers / client base / followers - rarely do you hear / see them whinge, whine and carry on about how BAD things are.

They focus on one task at a time - and they focus on what they do best. Because they don't have dozens of windows open, throwing up pop ups they can focus on the tasks / jobs that bring them the most money for their time.
They get other people to do the mundane tasks and things they just don't have time to do or want to do - do the successful manage their own gardens, housekeeping, filing. admin, finances? Probably not - they hire the right kind of people who like doing these jobs.

They hire / retain mentors and coaches - across many different disciplines.

They will have business coaches, voice coaches, fitness coaches etc

They read - a lot

They have multiple streams / sources of income. They've usually struck deals with a number of people that says - if I sell your products to my client base I would like a % cut of the sales, and if you do the same for me I will give you the same benefit - otherwise known as JV's (Joint Ventures) or Affiliate deals.

Depending on their businesses they may hire people who work on commission basis - how motivated would that person be if their income was determined by the number of sales they make in a day?

They don't neglect the important things - they eat well, they exercise, they make sure they get enough sleep - and before the cynical erupt and say - well it's ok for them - they don't have my kind of worries / bills / time constraints .... I would reply and tell you - once upon a time these people were exactly the same as you, just they made different decisions or are further along the path than you are. Today you can make some new decisions that would mean you too could free up some time so you could go to the gym 3-5 times a week to get fit and healthy, or start your own business, spend more time with your spouse / family.

They don't waste their money, or time on junk. Be that food or energy vampires. For me the biggest energy vampires are people who try and corner you into having a conversation you don't want, because THEY are bored. That could be the many chat rooms that lurk - hint - go offline, you can post your value added comments and leave without being interrupted - if you really don't have the time to network. Turn the phone to silent / use the answer machine to screen calls you don't need to take right now, or walk with purpose in the office, people are less likely to interrupt you if you are walking quickly - oh and don't have a spare chair in the office if you don't want random people stopping by for a chat. Interruptions costs us much more than time, they cost us our concentration too.

They unsubscribe from anything that does not give them value, in fact they probably haven't subscribed to them in the first place get rid of the deals direct / e-bay / ezi-buy / deal of the week emails - you probably don't need any more STUFF and if you did you would source it at the time.
Instead of looking at successful business models, look at the habits of the people who created them.

So - today there is going to be a lot of homework.

I need you to analyze your patterns of behavior, it will take a little bit of doing, but is essential. You need to determine where you are now and how much change you need to make - AND then be willing to make those changes as a result of the analysis.

Starting with the time you woke up yesterday I need you to write down (as much as you can remember) what you did and how long it took you - and include everything until you went to bed.

Now looking at the habits of successful people - how many of your daily activities fell into those 12 categories?

How much time did you waste?

We have spoken about to-don't lists before and it is worth repeating here. Your to-don't list is far more important than your task / to-do list especially in the beginning when you are setting up new habits for your successful future.

What habits do you have that you need to get rid of?
What habits do you have you consider to be critical to your success?
What habits do you need to cultivate?

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When people talk about someone achieving overnight success it's because they haven't been paying attention. they haven't noticed the long hours, the early mornings, evenings and weekends of taking tiny, measured steps towards their ultimate goals.

The author who has labored over a manuscript, been turned down by a dozen publishers and still they write, still they send out proposals - until one day - someone takes notice. J K Rowling and Stephen King are 2 examples of that kind of overnight success that took years.

The person who dreams of paying off their mortgage and diligently deposits money week after week to do so....

The person who thinks about setting up a website to promote their business....the business has been running for years, but because it can't be found until the website has been created...

The person who wants to create a new business, it may have taken months if not years of thought and preparation before the doors finally opened for business.

Google - yes THE search engine we know and love so much today started off as a research thesis for 2 doctoral students .... did you know it started off life as "Backrub"? doesn't have quite the same ring to it does it. Overnight success? I don't think so.

Every goal you have in front of you is going to be a marathon not a sprint. There will be spurts of inspiration and energy that will take you further than perhaps you had ever dreamed possible, but I do know that mostly it's a slog, not always a hard slog, but a slog nonetheless. Getting up day after day to do something that will mean the goal is achieved takes time, it's takes effort and most of the time it takes sheer bloody determination - day after day.

The person who gets up at 5am to go for a walk because it is the only time they have to themselves and when they can do some exercise.
The writer who needs peace and quiet will wait until the kids have gone to bed before getting out the manuscript.
The people who decide to give their diet just one more day.
The would be business person who reads just one more article, then starts to lay the foundations
The teenager who wants to save a million dollars by the time they are 40 decides to forgo the party one the weekend to stick the money into a savings account
The student who decides to spend just a little more time studying than their fellow undergrads so they can get the first and the best job in town
And what do we hear - Oh they were lucky, they didn't have "my" problems and issues "it's all right for them..." and all those other worn out phrases used by people who pretend they want something, but do little or nothing to achieve it.

It is all right for them, they've worked damned hard for their luck. They did it, so can you, but the question is - are you willing to work hard for your overnight success?

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Fitness cannot be bottled and saved for a rainy day. Unfortunately you also lose your level of fitness far faster than you gained it. So what can you do when you are starting out – either as a complete beginner, or coming back from a period of absence? Get the all clear from your medical professional if you need, then choose an activity and have a go.

After a year and a bit of not being able to train “properly” because of a torn shoulder rotator cuff, I decided enough was enough. I was walking regularly, but I had had to give up my gym membership because I just could not lift weights – I was getting out of condition – and I hated it. So I did a thing!

Why would I give up a gym membership?

Let me tell you this – it is absolutely no fun exercising half your body, and when you “forget” and pick up something heavier than a toothbrush – it bloody hurts. So – against my own sanity I had cancelled my gym membership – it was just sensible, even though it didn’t feel like it at the time.

A year and a bit later – that’s now BTW, I’ve gotten to the point where I can put some weight on the arm and shoulder, so I decided it was kill or cure time.

As I had already decided I was not going down the surgery route, I was a little concerned, but me being me – I decided a couple of months ago I would give the girly push ups a go (that’s on the knees for those wondering - as opposed to the fully prone “boy” ones I was used to doing). I was by this time able to spend time grubbing around in the garden, and didn’t have any problem with the household stuff – so I thought the push ups would be easy – I could barely do 5. Turns out I was fit for purpose.

What does fit that even mean?

In simple terms I had rehabilitated myself enough to get through household and gardening chores, but I simply wasn’t fit enough to do much else. Bear in mind I was still walking between 10 and 20 Km’s a week, but I knew I would get out of breath running for a bus. That’s what fit for purpose means. You are fit enough to do what you have to do. Anything else and you’re going to be stuffed.

You may not need to run for a bus or out swim a shark, but what would you do if you had to?

So that’s when I did a thing.

I was online one night – now there’s not a shock!! On my timeline came an advert type post from my health care provider. Free spring exercise training classes coming to a place near you...

10 minutes down the road by car – yep that’s pretty close.
A day that I’m free – awesome
Rain, hail or shine they run training classes – bugger, but hey OK
And did I mention FREE for members

Tonight was week 2 and a fitness test... Level – surprised – and yes it rained on us during class.

They do the same fitness test in week 7 – so we’ll see how I go when I compare the numbers.

Every size, shape, age, race and ability was there – several hundred of us actually. Tonight’s “beginners” class had 76 people and the other groups were just as big – and as I found out, some had paid to join in. I did the math on the way home and it’s really good value for money at $7.50 a session.

But mine was free and I was taking advantage.

The trainers are encouraging us to have a goal by the end of the 8 weeks – mine is to be able to run 2 km’s without “dying”... and tonight’s fitness test tells me I will get there. The actual goal is to be able to run the City to Surf in August 2017 and the LA Marathon in 2018 which runs during March and the time Mike and I are in LA and surrounds during our annual break...sssh I haven’t told him yet J For those of you who know me, when I am at my “fighting weight I am built more like a sprinter, so long distance is a bit of an issue, even when I could run, but I am nothing if not determined to knock those off the goal list.

I have a long road back to fitness, but I am on that road and if I stumble I know I just have to pick myself up again and just get back to it...

And life is like that, one day you are fit, the next can see you landing on your butt – but one thing I am sure of, you just need to keep plugging away and eventually you’ll get there. Remember it’s not what you do once that makes you who you are, it’s what you do day in day out that makes the biggest difference. #motivateme #getfit 

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Once you understand that everything you do carries your personal stamp - you will automatically raise your game
#motivateme #excel
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