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Hell yeah, Albuquerque throws a better free party! :-) Great pics - definitely on our list of places to visit, even more so now that you've described it so well

On deck for tonight - COD over Xbox Live with my son at college. Really?

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the rain is only just starting to come down hard so I'm sure we'll top 3 inches soon
We set this bucket out at 5:00pm on Saturday, 8/27. The rain started at about 4pm, so we missed some of it.

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Hey guess what, Google? I knew it wouldn't take FB long to catch up... the best part about Google+ is the Circles - and here they come on FB...

I like the Auto Upload feature in the Android app. I gotta say that so far I like the phone app better than the site.

Anybody figure out what the benefits are to using the Connected Accounts feature? I connected all my various social networks (twitter, facebook, linkedin, g+) together but am not seeing any additional functionality that makes that worthwhile.
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