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Addiction Medical Detox, Therapy Rehab, Interventions to help Families 877-724-7472
Addiction Medical Detox, Therapy Rehab, Interventions to help Families 877-724-7472

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Will addicts change? When to give up?
Is there a chance for recovery?
At what point do we say enough is enough and stop taking her desperate calls?

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Remembering who your addicted daughter is
“A perfect child of God.”
The addiction,
The lies,
The behaviors are only the out-picturing of thoughts; human instincts run riot

It’s all only ideas and opinions can be changed
Do not ever give up.
Nothing to be healed on perfection to be revealed.

Know the truth of your daughter and of yourself.
All power is in the here and now. Will addicts change?

This does not mean you should spend all of your money based on the lies the appearance of her sad life and sufferings?

Know her path is unfolding as it does in Divine perfect timing.
Knowing this empowers her change.
Tell her you too know she is whole, well, and healthy in the here and now.

The change needed to show her the life of gratitude and peace of mind is already hers.
The changes are already happening.

Addicts do Recover,
We live in a constant state of change.
Do what you can for her without hurting yourself, your abundance, the family, or disturbing your personal very necessary serenity.

If you must release her with love for now;
Know, unequivocally that change is her most valued position.
Change is in effect.
The whole universe conspires for her highest good.

Wits Inn Recovery – Loriann Witte
Help me, Rhonda, now can help
Intervention, with extended sober coaching
Family Advisor

A View 4 Life!
Speak Up. The World Is Listening!

On Loving Life Divine Love
Right thinking has the power cancels and erases everything unlike itself. It answers every question, solves all problems, and is the solution to every difficulty.” –Ernest Holmes
I Love Life… And Life Loves me, Now!

So many of us may be, at times, feeling that our lives are constricted, closing in around them.
Given our economic times.
What I Know to Be the Truth.
We are living in spacious times, open times, ample and flowing times.”
Open at the top”, times (as my Inspiring, Wonderful & Loving prayer partner, Toni, puts IT) for each and every day, doors, and windows of opportunity abound!
Today I invite You to stop not looking backward into what was, or what might’ve been. Do not concern yourSelf with that what you feel you may have missed or “mistakes” that you have made. Look forward! And know that the wind is blowing at your back. Freshening the future before you. Feel the newness as you experience and express your freedom!
Do not give those challenges and struggles of the past the power to shackle your thoughts.
As these ponderings have at times, bound all of us.
Today, I invite you to detach and lose the shackles of misunderstanding and false belief. Walk out from behind bars of judgment. There is no jailer to stop You. These are not bars of steel but only made of your beliefs. Of this, I am certain!
BE The Source within YOU…Now!
Have a Magnificent day, Every day!

“There is a mighty Power within you.
There is that Spirit of Life, Light, and Love. The more you feast on these ideas and fast from old corrosive ones, the closer you experience the Life you desire.”
-Frank Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself

The Art of Feminine Presence™
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Drug Addict’s Past Child Molestation Incest Victims

The ‘Addict’s Past.’
Is often Rooted in Trauma
In particular
Child Molestation Victims, even Incest.
By the same token, the unhappiness of an ‘addict’s past’ may have many other faces.
Past creates Addicts
All Children Encounter equal Perceptions.
Equally important are growing up while caretakers face these factors.

1. Divorce,
2. Anger,
3. Sickness,
4. Work addictions,
5. Religiosity
6. Cynicism
7. Depression
8. Inconsistencies
9. Sex and love addictions
call 877-724-7472 Drug Alcohol Rehab
Wits Inn Recovery

In the light of the many faces of overt or passive neglect and abuse.
Parents are not the blame.
Change the Relationship.
Reevaluate the Addict’s Past.
For the purpose of achieving recovery; Only the Addict can change their view.
See the addict’s past struggles as empowering.
We all must face the facts.
Given that, know addiction is a very troubled state of behavioral problems.
With this in mind realize this chaos didn’t create in a vacuum.

It’s important to realize now is the time for loved ones to stop taking part in the addictive process.
The most compelling evidence teaches we can offer treatment.
Henceforth, the irresponsible person must take responsibility.
Addiction is a life and death situation.
Ultimately the ‘Addict’s Past’ hurts continue to compound with self-pity.

In short, self-preservation takes time away from self-obsession.
An Addict has to rewrite his past story.

By and Large, One must live as a practical person.

1. The need for money motivates ambition.
2. Jobs or School offers a consistent schedule.
3. Failure and desperation reinforce drive.
4. Individually achieved accomplishments are self-esteem.

In fact, The Emotionally unavailable players in young lives don’t foster safety and security.

The ‘Addict’s Past’ is a part of developing the personality.
On the whole, our past experiences set up the character we each express.
An addictive addict is ordinarily displaying deep seeded character flaws.

As has been noted, dysfunction begets the dysfunctional.

1. Anger
2. Disrespect
3. Faithlessness
4. Duplicity
5. Sloth
6. Dishonesty
7. Depression

And to that end, we see perception has become quite skewed.
Ultimately, Did you ever wonder how the addict got so messed up?

To begin with, They were sweet Children.
What happened?

All of a sudden everything changed.
How did substance abuse come about?
Straightaway, Let’s make it clear, Recovery is Possible.
Molestation in addict's past
Molestation or Incest can take a person so emotionally depressed they need an anesthetic to cope.
Something Sever Happened in the Addicts Past.
In the background runs Real or Perceived indignities.
In the foreground shame and hurt is acted out.

Beneath the non-caring bravado, Therapist hears self-reports about the addict’s past pain.

Wherever users get the help, they tell their stories of fear and self-loathing.
In prison, methadone centers, and in drug treatment centers they explore their history.
Even in the center lovely homes addict’s sense the unrest.

Some dark incidents then virtually splintered the developing personality at vulnerable ages. Early youth is a most critical time in development.
Adjacent to growing the physical we began to question our human condition.
Each attempts to figure things out for themselves.

“Is the universe a safe place?” “Or is it not?”
Addict’s Past Requires Coping Anesthetic
In the middle of deep despair, I had to make a decision.
Therefore, These are some of the opinions the addict’s past stress create as survival skills.

Definitely Beliefs

“I can’t ever experience this level of pain again.
I must have an anesthetic.
This suffering cannot be faced cold sober.
Without delay, I’ve got to get into action.
Immediately Numbing intense feeling is an essential task for my survival.

Meanwhile, Process addiction is staying too busy to let discomfort catch you.
In essence, it’s imperative to block frustrations.
Do not let a feeling hit you with full force.
Consequently, the busyness of Work addiction is a well-respected block.

Over-Eating and calorie restriction changes the shape of the body.
Body shape commands sexual attractiveness or repels attention.

Excessive Joking can block communication.
Under these circumstances agitated brain chemistry blocks clear synapse firings.
1. Spending,
2. Avoidance,
3. Chronic iIllness,
4. Rage,
5. Depression,
6. Smoking,
7. Drinking,
8. Prescription as well as street drugs

Ultimately all of these obsessions can be used to stop the brain from processing.

Acting out sexually or love addiction can keep you too busy to deal with day to day life.
Especially safe from having to interact with the disapproving family.

How often are incest survivors disinherited?
Most Families tend to “not want to hear it.
Specifically unwelcome is a victim exposing a dirty secret.

Another key point is, Once family members have this dreaded knowledge;
they too are saddled with the burden.

People Hate the Addict’s Past Scandals
The first thing to remember is The family wants to clean it up and sweep it away.

The perpetrator’s loved ones can hate the victim.
The offending person’s support group become instant co-defendants.
Frequently Going on the defensive seeing the victim as at the center of this horrible situation.
For instance, in a protective stance, the report could be questioned as an exaggeration.
Defenders want most compelling evidence.
The victim could be an outright liar.

As soon as the addict get sicker and more dysfunctional through the years, the hatred grows.

In the final analysis, Love and tolerance diminish.

Pity soon disappears.

As shown above, the whole of family problems can be attributed the addict’s disagreeable personality.
In the long run incest, victims are unpleasant.
Altogether inconvenient holding back others happiness.
The addict’s ways are just disgusting.
The Addict’s Past is not what we want in our mind’s eye.

In essence, “We have tried to help, but they are ungrateful and incorrigible.”
The molested child grows into a crazy making adult who says the ugliest things.
For this reason, we give up.
This significantly mentally warped person ruins family events and holidays.
So as to spending any more time or money, we don’t even want to be involved.
Since so much money has been wasted on this broken relationships.

Moreover, a new list of disrupting symptom can develop in the attempt to recover.
An inordinate amount of false starts.
Forthwith, we hold a party to celebrate one year of sobriety.
The addict is drunk again within a week of the party.
Once again, expressing their traumatized past as an excuse.

Continuous let downs.
After dramatic counseling groups, followed by repeated relapses, we are all so tired out.

1. Starting big projects never finished,
2. Wrecked vehicles.
3. Lost jobs,
4, Evictions,
5. Legal problems.,
6. Relationship drama
In the end, You just can’t count on them.

Somehow we must stop having sex with our children.
Addicts past secrets
Let’s talk about it.
Awareness Help’s
Bring these secrets out of the dark into the light!

Mother’s and Father’s watch so carefully but it happens all of the time.
Kids get molested in a quick moment.
A hand slips down the pants at the turn of others heads.
Developing breast is accidental grazed.
Accordingly, it continues to happen casually.

Eventually, the touching becomes much more overt.
Indeed, This action repeats at every chance of even a little alone time.

Perpetrators manufacture alone time.
Explicitly Adding words, of threats.
Interjecting talk of shameful fantasy.
The child becomes sexually aroused and in the same fashion very confused.

To the end, that fosters the growth of tremendous guilt.

Being that shame and guilt walk hand in hand a perception of evil comes alive.
To explain, the child thinks, “I must be evil.”

Molestation victims can crave the arousal; While dreading being bothered again.
The vulnerable person may feel like the ‘other women.’
Surprisingly, rape victims may accept the responsibility of betrayal.
Suffering unwarranted guilt that any sexual action has harmed the spouse of the abuser.
Conversely involved and convoluted emotions a young person or small child isn’t ready to process.

This level of unease makes people crazy.
Whereas the insanity Splits personalities, stunts growth, and developing, coping skills become stymied.
A person can get stuck at a young age and mature no further.

1. Worthlessness,
2. Suicidal ideation,
3. Dread
4. Dwelling
Repeated thinking in solitary,
self-examination becomes a

Dwelling on one’s lacking ability to get along sets up a tone of dismay.
Extremely low self-esteem becomes the norm.

Developing sexuality is associated with that old dread and self-hatred.

Adolescents and the natural maturation process begets insanity.
Struggling, twists and turns of teen development create a seemingly mutant result.
Depression overshadows the stages of development.
Self-loathing combines with a surly distrust of others.
Hopeless thinking can destroy faith.
Without faith, how can a positive future be imagined?
In this case suspicion and a subversive edginess takes over.

Molested youths grow into meth, opiate addicts, and alcoholics.
The Past can Heal
Self-respect concept.
Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults occur to children ages 17 and under this (including assaults on adults).
Youths have higher rates of sexual assault victimization than adults.
The sexual assault victimization rate for kids 12 to 17 was 2.3 times higher than for adults (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2010).
If you want help with addiction, call us.

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Here is what Witts Inn is doing now in 2016
We’ve developed into this since our inception in 1990.

We refer to alcohol, drug rehab centers.
Beyond Treatment Housing with IOP
We also contract with dual diagnosis, & mental health centers.
Comfortable medicine assisted Detox and Interventionist.

Insurance coverage or your cash budget determines which centers are available to you.

We assess what level of treatment is needed, wanted, and what you can afford.
Then arrange for a seamless admission process.

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Many of our articles are about addiction and recovery.
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Loriann Witte
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We believe that every person can find a happy and sane life.
Addiction is not a moral issue, addiction is human instincts run wild.

At our core, we are perfect, whole, and complete.
Somewhere along the line came the beliefs that the addict is not enough in their natural state and that the world is not a safe place.
This creates stress.
Unresolved stress can manifest as addiction.
The truth is people have hurt the addict, and the addict has hurt others.

You can have a real life anyway by learning how to love and be loved effectively.
Loriann Witte CAC, RAS, NCDAI
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Addict’s Past suffering. Addiction is severe mental illness, life-threatening behavioral issues. Realize this chaos didn’t create in a vacuum, we all must face the facts. 877-724-7472
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