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Once more unto the blog, dear friends (and readers)... #blogger #stroke #BAWBlog
True to the secret of the Grail (as revealed in John Boorman’s Excalibur), my blog and I are one. When I thrive, my blog thrives. But when I’m yanked from the busyness of blogging by an unexpected life event, my blog staggers in bewilderment off the…

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Sprinkle your business-networking itinerary with even more scintillating ideas this summer!

#business #networking #NJ #Philly #BAWBlog
Here’s the companion post to “Sizzling Summer Business-Networking Ideas, Part 1.” Summer is a fine season for shindigs with a more informal vibe–the kind that spark new business connections and strengthen existing strategic partnerships. My two-part blog…

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The June 2016 SJ Spotlight shines (with shredded, paperless joy!) on +Simone Bryerman of PROSHRED Southern New Jersey:

#Proshred #smallbiz #papershredding #documentsecurity #NJ #SouthJersey #BAWBlog
The South Jersey Spotlight returns from its sabbatical to shine on Simone Bryerman of PROSHRED Southern New Jersey. Simone is a lovely lady with a proper British accent. I could listen to her talk about document security for hours! I initially met her via…

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Serve up a scintillating event this summer! #business #networking #smallbiz #BAWBlog
Summer seems the right time to take a break from all that (firm!) handshaking and (sincere!) introduction-making at networking events, doesn’t it? Temptation becomes expectation as the nights get longer (and your kids, off from school, get bolder): the…

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Gemini is the "bee charmer" of the business world: #smallbiz #humor #astrology #BAWBlog
My “Bodacious Business Horoscopes” series comes to a merciful halt with the zodiac’s dual-tracked, in-house charm consultant, Gemini (the Twins). This high-octane communicator talks circles around all the other sun signs from May 20/21 to June 20/21. Do…

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The divine art of writing email subject lines: #emailmarketing #business #smallbusiness #BAWBlog
    Articles cross your online field of vision, informing you email marketing is about to expire–or conversely, that it’s stronger than ever. How to address this ongoing dichotomy? Whether you use permission-based digital marketing to distribute content…

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What other bad things should we not let win? #business #smallbusiness #mindset #mindfulness #BAWBlog  
I am fortunate to have a spouse who brings home The Wall Street Journal from work every day. Despite my fierce loyalty to The New York Times, I consume the WSJ the way some people swallow Tic Tacs handfuls at a time. One of my favorite WSJ columnists, Sue…

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Is your voice "team active" or "team passive?" #grammar #writingtips #business #smallbusiness #BAWBlog  
A voice is a voice (of course, of course), and no one should write in passive voice, of course. Yes, I dare go there: the long-standing “active voice versus passive voice” debate. (My profound apologies to Mister Ed and Francis the Talking Mule. I don’t…

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Tips for running with the (Taurus) Bulls at work...

#business #horoscope #humor #BAWBlog  
We’re close to finishing this series’s astrological orbit via the zodiac system’s most patient business professional: Taurus the Bull. But please, don’t confuse a Taurean’s bony head extensions with the “rammy” pair of horns we locked with last month.…

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Your marketing copy craves MORE foreign flair!
#contentmarketing #contentwriting #writingtips #smallbusiness #BAWBlog  
I recently took you on a linguistic tour of foreign words used in English (starting with the letters A-E). This is the second installment of “How to Add ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ to your Marketing Content.” Continuing with F-J, let’s add international flair to…
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