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Creating a video to accompany my revamped LinkedIn profile.
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Learn How You Fascinate Others With This Personality Test

+Henneke Duistermaat highlights the work of  +Sally Hogshead  in her most recent post. +Sally Hogshead has developed a personality test based not on who you are as much as how others perceive you.

Example: I'm an INTJ which means I'm naturally introverted and analytical, but I have to adopt a persona that is more outgoing than my natural inclination to reach out to people. Just how do I do that and still maintain my authentic self? In my case it is through my natural PASSION and INNOVATION because I"m a CATALYST.

Want to find out your FASCINATION profile? Sally has given Henneke's readers a limited number of free passes to the test.

Click on through. Take your test. Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

#personalitytest #authenticity #contentmarketing  
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Humor in Content Marketing: Episode 23 of AmyTV

It's always a thrill to get an email from +Amy Harrison in my inbox. Both her AmyTV episodes (formerly known as Content Marketing Stripped) and her blog posts are more than fun and funny. They are useful.

But what a surprise, I had today when I clicked over to the post page hoping to find out what she has cooked up with +martin shervington to find my name mentioned with an endearing thank you.

The pleasure is all mine. I love seeing what great minds and talents can do together. I learn so much from the experiences. 

I hope you do as well.

Who would your like to see working together? Google Plus amazes me at how easily we can make those catalytic connections. 

Tell us your stories in the comment section. 

#connectors   #humour   #marketingstrategy  
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Finally Content Strategy Made Plain in a 180 Second Video

h/t +Andy Crestodina is brilliant as always in this timely post. [So glad I was smart enough to sign to his email list]

In this micro piece, Andy steps us through the gist of creating a content strategy in a blink of an eye. 

If you are like me and want a deeper dive, his accompanying blog post delivers there. 

Also if you are an avid fan of +David Amerland (again, like me) and caught his Sunday Read a few weeks ago then this quote by Andy will resonate a bit more deeply:

"Empathy is the greatest marketing skill." 

That's right, EMPATHY. It's not just for mystics anymore.

If you didn't catch David's Sunday Read on Empathy, here's a link. And don't cheat yourself! The comments are are gold as well. 

#contentstrategy   #empathy   #davidamerlandsundayread  
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Help Wanted: Copywriter? +Amy Harrison Gives You Some Insight into the Process

h/t +Pamela Wilson for hosting +Amy Harrison's guest post on her +Big Brand System's blog. [Worth subscribing to her email list, just sayin']

You know you need a some help. That's the first step. But you don't quite know where the next shoe should drop? Read on!

Amy has all the moves down:

* How do you pick a good copywriter?

* What are some reasonable expectations?

* What prep can you do to make the process pain-free?

* How can you give clear feedback?

Those are some of the bones. Leave it to Amy to flesh them out.

And speaking of bones. Amy has quite a funny one. DON'T miss her video series on Content Marketing over on AmyTV:

#copywriter   #freelancing   #contentmarketing  
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Collaborative, Scaleable Models for Writers': +Jane Friedman & +Joanna Penn discuss the business angles

Not so surprisingly, this was our original thinking behind #Mto5

We wanted to create a collective to support one another's work...especially genre-based multicultural books.

What are your thoughts? Dreams? Suggestions?

#authorinterview   #writersgroup   #collaboration  

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Maybe This Explains (In Part) The State Drivers' License In My Wallet

I grew up bouncing between Northern and Southernmost Illinois and Hawaii. Yep, today is Lei Day, and I'm celebrating it in Honolulu.

Does this map speak truth to you? I actually loved the time I spent in Illinois.

#happiness   #residency   #location  
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+Introducing: +Lori Sailiata ...That Would Be Me.*

h/t +Meloney Hall for hosting this genius HOA concept show. Also a shout out to +roxanne davenport and +Sheila Strover who shared the filmstrip with me.

This shows that in spite of technical difficulties, the HOA does go on.

One caveat. I'm still not 100% myself as yet. When I push through the pain...I often overshoot the mark. My radio shows were a bit more (ahem) laid back. ^-^

But I'm just as excited about the medium of Hangouts On Air as ever. I can't wait to get to play with the Double Bubble Comment Tracker.

#authorinterview   #mto5   #hangoutsonair  
Lights, Camera, HOA – Ready?  You’re LIVE!

All you need is Practice Time on LIVE-Camera when you first begin; and that's exactly why I am offering this FREE venue!

Please watch my Instructions and Requirements video to determine if you are ready to receive the JOIN HANGOUT button for the live broadcast on Monday, April 28.  

WATCH THIS (10 minutes):

If you would like to be on Monday's show (or any of the future shows that will always be on Monday at 4:00pm ET), please email me a note here on this event page or email me at I will then be in touch with you to confirm.  

Each week, three (3) different people can be on the LIVE broadcast to gain their experiences.  

Five (5) biggest benefits to YOU

1. You will gain LIVE on-air camera experience
2. You will be creating some digital video content that contains your name, image, and great personality
3. This can increase your personal brand awareness to help you with finding your next big thing
4. Your friends and family will be able to share the recorded YouTube video of you on the show and brag about how you’re becoming a “rising star”
5. You will always cherish your first moment on an HOA because you will have conquered your fear

It is so exciting for me to provide this FREE service as a way to pay-it-forward to others.   We all start somewhere and need a helping hand to take that first step.  Will you be taking your first step with me?

Guests who have requested to be on the show will receive the JOIN HOA notification 20 minutes before we go LIVE on-air to prep inside the “green room” (pre-show area).  They will also be invited to stay with me after the show for a quick “WOW, I Did It” release-of-joy moment!  

What time will this broadcast be in YOUR time zone?

If you’re not connected to me yet on Google+, connect with me at

I’m on LinkedIn 

I’m also on Twitter

If you would like to be a member to this G+ Community, use this LINK to take a look inside.  I hope you’ll JOIN the community!

Select YES or MAYBE so this event is placed into your Calendar as a placeholder as a reminder.  Selecting NO will not give you any reminder notifications.
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