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Lori Plyler

Got a new post up about making art and being creative daily.

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A Name Change and a Major Move!
Popping in to let you know that truly good changes are happening around here and I'm so excited to share it all. Where to start. Where to start... Let's begin with the name . I began in 2008 as Waterstone Jewelry (I know! Jewelry! Loved it but really didn't...

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Sketch.Paint.Print. - Print No.5
Hiya and Happy New Year! I took an extra long break from mid December until last week and am ready to get back to "normal" life. On a personal note, my surgery went very well and now the waiting happens. With any luck, the surgery will have nudged the secon...

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Merry Merry!
Merry Christmas! We're having our first unconventional Christmas ever this year right down to the bicycle and cactus wrapping paper. (Sorry for the grainy pics) Lucy, in all her puppy enthusiasm, adores trees and limbs and sticks in general. You can figure ...

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The Thyroid That Wouldn't Go Away
How goes it with you? We are thrilled to have rain for the first time in...months? Hoping and praying that the terrible wildfires here in the southeast will finally be silenced. I'll take mud over dust any day of the week. It's one of those cut to the chase...

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Sketch.Paint.Print. #4 (Sketch & Print)
Seemed like it had been too long since I'd REALLY played around with lettering so last week I dug down deep into my file of favorite quotes and came up with this one from Ralph Waldo Emerson. I sketched it out and (again) decided print before paint. For som...

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Our Morning Walk (and Some Painting Progress)
This is the view I see each morning while walking with Lucy. Notice the fog across the way? I call this view, "Mr. Darcy???" This is my view a little later as Lucy freezes over a squirrel, or a chipmunk, or a deer, or... I'm plugging away and (hopefully) ma...

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New "Cook It Yourself" Tote & More $5 Off & FREE Shipping Sunday Only
Well folks, I finally put a couple of my lino prints to good use. This tote may be one of my favorites. Want breakfast? Cook it yourself! Me to a "T". I will be taking advantage of this discount from Society 6. All of my totes and carry all zip pouches are ...

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October Desktop/Laptop Wallpaper
Hi there and welcome to the most comfy, beautiful and best month of the year! Can I get an amen? I made this for myself this morning and thought you'd enjoy. So, enjoy! (click on the image to download) Please remember that this and all freebies provided by ...
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