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Hi! So I have a question on something I am not sure where my point and shoot might beat my phone...Instant internet uploads! I understand the next gen of cameras will be able to connect directly to the internet, I think some were showcased at the earlier tech shows, like CES. Is this true? And any you know of? But for "serious" DSLR's like the D5100 or T4i not a point and shoot...:D !? 
Yes, several of the 2012 models now support uploading, some via direct internet connection and some by connecting via your cell phone (that's Canon and Sony's approach, I believe). For dSLRs you still need to use something like an Eye-Fi card.
Thanks! I currently have an old poweshot S3 IS that just stopped working. Got a point and shoot, but i have been eying the D5100. A friend who has speaks as though it is the best since sliced bread! I read your review on the Canon T4i and wonder if that is not worth an investment. I am a photographer hobbiest. Got it from my Dad.
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