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Lori Friedrich

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Driveway roses take over Fremont.

I'm going to need a bigger recycling bucket to cut all the front roses back. They've overgrown the area since last trimming late fall.

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+Lori Friedrich That sounds heavenly.  I'd have bouquets in every room.  =)   
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Lori Friedrich

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Laugh and your friends laugh with you.

Laugh around us, and we gigglesnort!

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We miss youse too, Ms. Tif! 
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Lori Friedrich

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Friends are our comfort in hard times, and our cohorts in good.

The +Cecily Cooper and +Susan Lewis have that look in their eye.

R.I.P. Rik Cooper 
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kiss you
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Lori Friedrich

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My favorite read each week is +David Amerland 's #SundayRead
David Amerland originally shared:

Way back when, before I was busy synthesizing business principles and technology I used to apply my scientific training to look at other areas. In a book, revealingly titled Revelations (pun unintended) - I looked (amongst other things) at the work of a rather mediocre philosopher and wizard named Bolus of Mendes, an Egyptian who lived in Hellenistic Greece in 200 BC, who had written best-selling book trying to answer man’s role in the universe. 

The message of Bolus’ book was so intuitive and so simple that it probably predated its formal statement by several hundred thousand years. What Bolus wrote was that man was a microcosm or ‘little world’ and that within him he contained, on a somewhat smaller scale, all the levels of being in the Universe. 

Wizards in Bolus’ time visualized the Universe as being spherical, comprised of an almost endless array of ever narrowing concentric spheres that began with the gods and narrowed down to planet Earth. Now Bolus placed man squarely in the center of that fixture, able to influence anything he chose to direct his attention to.

It’s apt as we once again direct our gaze at the universe beyond us willing to explore the question of whether everything, indeed, exists, just for us. The fact that within just ten years we may find evidence of life evolving beyond our current constraints ( opens the door to an entirely new set of questions not least those involving religion, philosophy and even why life appears to be such a persistent force in itself that it can take place even in the most extreme of environments:

If life is so persistent that we barely understand it consider that we have only just started to plumb intelligence in species other than ourselves: Our discoveries are showing that first we may not be quite as unique as Bolus wanted us to be and second that our very approach comes with ‘blinders’ attached, themselves created by the very limits of our biology. 

The question why we are not happy to let things be and try to live our short lives on this 3rd rock from the sun ( lies in the concept of transcendence: Whether we look outside ourselves or inside ourselves we feel something greater calling to us. Something just beyond our ability to hear it, or understand it. We find evidence of it in the mathematical languages we use to describe the universe: and we sense it in our every endeavor that takes us to the very edge of the horizon of our capabilities:

Self-transcendence, the sense that, somehow, we can become more than we are through our own efforts lies at the core of many human disciplines: While the answers we seek contain hints of the personal constructs we use to define who we are, it is also a drive to get past all that, to lose ourselves in something other than us. It’s a drive that raises all sorts of interesting questions as Jonathan Haidt says in his TED talk on the subject:

In many ways we are like giant statues with feet of clay. We reach for what’s just beyond our grasp just as we struggle to get the very basic details of our lives right. The lofty ideas that drive us form a compensatory mechanism for the very basic deficiencies we experience within the social constructs we create. There is a constant struggle taking place within us. One that we can never really solve alone. 

The three pound prisoner confined within our skulls ( rattles the boundaries of his cage and pushes outwards and inwards seeking to escape. Seeking to find meaning, understanding and a semblance of peace in something a little more absolute than the ephemera of life. Seeking, in other words, to do what Bolus so easily told us in his book such a long time ago: to get a sense that we matter. That our existence has meaning. That our struggles and passage actually are not part of a cosmic joke. Should we succeed in making contact, at some point, with civilizations other than ours the potentially shattering disruption we feel will come from it, is so only from our current, still, very anthropocentric perspective. 

There is nothing wrong thinking we are the center of the universe of course, provided we can contextualize it. Provided we understand that it’s just another means to an end. A ploy we use to make ourselves venture outside the confines of our modern ‘cave walls’ and look at the universe beckoning and say with confidence: “Yeah, we can do this.”. 

Until we do get to meet ET and exchange outwardly coffee and donut recipes, we have to make do with our Terran-based delights. I hope you have had the foresight to stock-up on yours so that the coffee pot will not run dry and you will have enough donuts, cookies and croissants to last at least until this day is over. Have a great Sunday wherever you are. 

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+Lori Friedrich thank you so much! 
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Lori Friedrich

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My Saturday afternoon view

At least until I start the next chore. 
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Thanks ladies! I couldn't rationalize spending the entire day indoors doing 'chores'. I was really glad I fixed a cup of tea and sat out for 30 mins.

Oh, and I should add, tea with a bit of lemon from +Marilyn Ritter 's fabulous lemon tree... xoxo to George and Marilyn for bringing me some last week :-) 
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Lori Friedrich

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Pretty in Pink 
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Awww thanks +Blaine Hall! Miss you to bits xo
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Lori Friedrich

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What Is or Isn’t Social Anymore?

Because of Facebook and Twitter, some companies are putting their customer service team in the marketing department, while other brands are relocating their community managers to the customer care team.

Social permeates every level of a business. To say social is just social media, shows a lack of understanding on how deeply rooted it has become.

Read more here:  
This article is by Chris Bolman, director of growth at Percolate. Social is entering a new era in the history of its communications potential. In doing so, “social media” companies like Facebook and LinkedIn are briskly redefining their identities, business models and the boundaries they are able to connect people — or [...]
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Lori Friedrich

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Silly sisters are silly 
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Total goofballs +Suzanne Roberts! You know us, even at a wake we can't resist the pull of a photo booth! 
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Lori Friedrich

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Never wake a sleeping dog

I grabbed a cup of coffee, jumped back in bed to watch the Man U vs Man City game, and then this happened.

Sunday may be delayed a bit. 
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Sorry to disappoint +jojo appiatsi. Liverpool fan here :-) 
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Lori Friedrich

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What did you learn this week?

According the BBC - these are the things we learned this week:

1. It took 45 minutes to write God Only Knows by the Beach Boys.
2. A Versace dress worn Jennifer Lopez to the 2000 Grammy Awards led to the creation of Google Images.
3. James Bond should have died seven minutes into Skyfall.
4. Gibbons whisper.
5. Divorce papers can be legally served via Facebook in New York.
6. The Brontosaurus might be considered a distinct genus of dinosaur after all.
7. The UK's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency does not permit the wearing of colanders on heads in driving license photos, even for religious reasons.
8. Heterosexual men take riskier bets when they see other men who are more attractive than they are.
9. There's a gender-neutral toilet in the White House.
10. North Korean textbooks say Kim Jong Un learned to drive when he was three.

I'm curious, what did you learn this week?
You can serve divorce papers via Facebook in New York, and more news nuggets.
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Nice pic
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Lori Friedrich

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Turn your moolah in to bread!
And bake perfect loaves at home

After reading the information, I can see why they exceeded their original goal. The idea is simple and I found myself surprised that no one had come up with the idea already. 
Ah, the joys of slicing into a freshly baked loaf of golden brown bread straight from your oven....
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The bread looks soooo delicious! 
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Lori Friedrich

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Squash that chocolate craving with a side order of crickets

Crickets contain a high protein content, as well as minerals like iron and calcium. Insect-infused Jungle Bars are boosted with powdered cricket protein. The dried insects are ground down to a fine flour and then mixed in with the other ingredients – including chocolate, dates, and sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds – to create the bars.
A team of Icelandic designers are producing chocolate protein bars made from powdered crickets
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I get mine from my MIL and they are fantastic :) 
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When left to my own devices, you will find me people watching. Must be something to do with my affection for meeting new people, learning about their stories, and building foundations for friendships. Yes, I am the person who strikes up a conversation while waiting in line with you. 

Volunteer work with various causes and associations is where my heart lies. There is nothing so rewarding as helping others. Photography is a hobby, and one that I hope to improve on. Now and again, I dabble with words, using them to craft blog posts. 

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Great staff, amazing location, and hot showers! Couldn't ask for better than Westport Beach KOA has.
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Good place to grab a lunch by the river with great views and attentive servers.
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