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Written Fireside Stories
Available on Amazon: Only 99 cents or free in Kindle Unlimited.           Free on Amazon: Free to read on the authors' blogs: Missing You On Valentine's

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Saturday Spotlight: Liberated by Laura Miller
In the twilight of her years,  a woman Laura Miller loved and  admired her entire life decided it was time to record  her story  for future generations .  Liberated Is the true story of two sisters who survived the hellish conditions in the Bergen-Belsen co...

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'She started muttering to herself, “Okay, this is too weird. I was just outside, and the sky was dark. Now I’m in somebody’s loft, where I can plainly see out that window,” she pointed a dizzy finger toward the floor-to-ceiling casement, “the sun isn’t even down; it is clearly twilight out there.” She was talking to herself out loud, to hear her own voice more than anything. She turned her body to figure out exactly where she was, and her chin ran smack into the denim-covered legs and steel-toed combat boots of the man who was responsible. And she screamed as loud as she could.'
#FirstFightFriday   #DarkDreams   #AaronSpeca   #DawnTreadway  

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I Looked Away: A Written Fireside Short Story is published!
I Looked Away: A Written Fireside Short Story is available on  Amazon US  & Amazon UK Kindle Unlimited subscribers can get it for free!

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"Jess?" she said it cautiously.
The way he said her name, as though spitting out something unpalatable, made hope shiver across her nerves.
"Yes, Jess. We broke up after a – 
a particularly nasty fight." 
#WrittenFireside   #CantYouSee  part 10 by Summerita Rhayne

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'Dale leaned back in his chair and stared at her. She looked calm and very collected. Her dark hair was swept up, leaving just a few tendrils curled softly against her face. His fingers itched to touch them, he remembered the silkiness.

And then she swallowed. He bit the insides of his cheeks to prevent him from smiling. So, the lady wasn’t as cool as she pretended to be.'
First Fight Friday: Touched to the Soul by Elsa Winckler

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Written Fireside: Can't You See? Part 9 by Zara Stoneley
“I’m not sure...” He paused, not wanting to offend her. But it had been hard enough opening up to Mary, a whole room full of people sounded his idea of hell. “I don’t really do talking it over with strangers.” Amanda smiled, seeing the look of barely disgui...

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'Pete wiggled his foot. It wasn’t quite as swollen as before, but it still hurt to move.  His throat was a little better, not half so painful now, but to his disgust, he still felt incredibly weak. One more night, he thought. Tomorrow he would get himself off home and face the music, alone.

Jenny returned after lunch and came straight up to see him. “How is the wounded warrior, then?” she asked.'
#firstfightfriday   #WendyLouJones   #TheSummerWeLoved  

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Written Fireside: Can't You See? Part 8 by Paty Jager
Amanda busied herself in the kitchen. Why did telling Noah about Rachel’s accident lift her spirits rather than bring on the anxiety and fears it normally did? Could it be because he understood and didn’t stare at her like she was crazy? Which made her feel...
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