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Ever feel that way? :)

Happy #SignSunday  everyone! Can't wait to see what you have to share with us today. +Jetski Jones and I will be picking our favorite from submissions over the past month, so look for our wrap up post coming soon! 

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This is cool! :)
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“And you're sorry that the ephemeral beauty has faded so rapidly, so irretrievably, that it flashed so deceptively and pointlessly before your eyes--you're sorry, for you didn't even have time to fall in love...”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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sorry at 1:42 am i could not resist.
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Lori Carey

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I was camped nearby (at Dove Springs) with some Jeep friends but couldn't convince them to come join me on a Jeep tour. Now they can see some of the cool things they missed out on!
The El Paso Mountains in Mojave are full of great scenery and a web of trails with interesting stops to explore. Read on for our off-road trail review.
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Fantastic memories of that trip +Marc Briggs, what an awesome location for shooting the Milky Way!  
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Lori Carey

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Happy SignSunday, and Happy Easter!
The signs are everywhere...
Join us by sharing your photos of signs with the #signsunday  hashtag. +Jetski Jones and I will be roaming around to see what you've got to share with us today. 
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Happy Sign Sunday Lori!
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Happy SignSunday!

Join in the fun by showing us the signs you've seen along your journeys and tagging #SignSunday . Tagging me and +Jetski Jones makes it easier for us to find your submissions under all the piles of spam this theme generates, but that's your choice. We try to pick one photo to feature on the +Sign Sunday home page banner each week (fact - it depends on our schedules but we try!). 

More street art from LA Arts District, this from Black Light King (Axayacatl Arturo Nevarez) and the Angel Wings I posted previously from Colette Miller. In 2002 L.A. passed a moratorium making street art murals illegal, even when done by well-known artists on private property. In the summer of 2013 the murals were finally legalized, so much of the artwork here is very new and well curated. 

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City of Angels wasn't easy, but I found one. Angels don't like to hold still very long. 

#laartsdistrict   #DTLA   #mobilephotography  
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I think it will be a few more years before he grows into them haha 
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Happy #SignSunday  my friends! I hope you'll Say Yes to joining in our fun little photography theme by sharing your photos of the signs you've seen along your journey. Tagging me and +Jetski Jones makes it easier for us to find your submissions and helps you stand out from all of the spam posts this theme gets, but isn't necessary. 

What else are you saying yes to today? :)

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Lori Carey

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It was really cool to find this flat tail horned lizard (Phrynosoma mcallii), aka Horny Toad, in Anza-Borrego. They are so rare these days that they were added as a candidate for protection under the Endangered Species Act in February.  
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We had these living in my yard in Amarillo, Texas in 1983. They were getting fat on fire ants!
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Lori Carey

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Hits close to home since I recently posted making light of how close I had come to being seriously injured (or worse) while photographing a rock crawling race. I know what I'm doing and was allowed to be where I was, this spectator was not authorized to be where he was and it ended tragically. My condolences to his family for this senseless loss. My thoughts and prayers are with the driver of the vehicle involved.  

There are safety rules in place for a reason.
A spectator was struck and killed while taking photographs of a vehicle rock crawling event Saturday afternoon in the Black Ridge area of San Juan County.
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Lori Carey

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Hazards of the Job

No joke here! Watch this insane video for the blonde in the neon green media vest near the end to see just how dangerous it can be to photograph off road racing and why my husband wants to increase my life insurance.  I'm lucky that Mel is a very skilled driver who was able to get EVO1 back under control quickly. 
If you follow my other social media accounts you probably know that I was just a few feet away from Mel Wade III, owner of Off Road Evolution and EVO Mfg, when he rolled his #4451 EVO1 Jeep JK during the qualify round at the ...
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hehehe, I'm glad I found a video of it :)
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Is your website/blog mobile friendly? Starting April 21 your page rank will be penalized in Google's search engine if it doesn't pass Google's Mobile-Friendly Test, so if you haven't already, you should take a minute to see if your site(s) pass!

Happy to say that both and passed the test. Phew! Glad I don't have to play around with code today :)
This test will analyze a URL and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design. Learn more about the mobile-friendly criteria and how it may affect Google's search results by reading our blog post. Learn more about mobile-friendly pages. If you're interested in learning more about mobile sites ...
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I keep putting it off, I really should get my stuff going. Thanks for this, I'll make sure it's right :)
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Chuck Norris' Playground, Broken Spade and a flopped rig as I join the Hemet Jeep Club and Larry McRae of PoisonSpyder out on the trails at Tierra del Sol's 53rd Annual Desert Safari. If you don't have at a least a little carnage you're not playing hard enough!

#jeep   #jeeplife   #TierradelSol   #TDS   #DesertSafari   #golarry   #PoisonSpyder   #daddylonglegs  
Tierra del Sol Desert Safari is the largest West Coast 4x4 event to help raise funds that go toward fighting land closures and helping to keep trails open.
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Yeah I think a Landy would be better designed for it. I couldn't even get out to shoot in the tough sections because there was no room for me! Ground clearance and flex are key, lots of spots to high center if you don't have the clearance, and almost all of the trail is seriously off camber. 
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Photographer, journalist and desert explorer
  • Photographer/Journalist
Basic Information
photographer/jeeper/outdoor enthusiast/girlgeek/MBA with an inquisitive mind, a thirst for adventure and a passion for life
I am a photographer and journalist in beautiful Southern California. 
I live on the coast and I prefer to shoot in the desert. 
I shoot documentary images and I create art.
I like to explore places where few people venture.
I don't like to make iconic images of iconic locations.
I like the sun in my face and the wind in my hair, 
and whether I'm viewing the most incredible beauty
or facing difficult challenges in the most harsh terrain
I hope to convey that through my work...the feel of the sun, 
the smell of the air, the taste of the breeze and my love
of the earth.

When I'm not making art I'm shooting and writing
about Jeeps and the offroad lifestyle.

Want to know more?

I started as an automotive photographer in the gray market. Later I earned an MBA and worked as a corporate executive for a while. I returned to my passions of photography and the outdoors when I moved to California and fell in love with the land.

My work has been used in books, advertisements, corporate publications, and has been published in the NY Times, Orange County Register and newspapers across the globe. My art is collected by enthusiasts around the world. I did the California-based still photography for the Baseball Hall of Fame Critic's Choice award-winning movie The Emerald Diamond.

I am currently a contributor to the automotive enthusiast lifestyle publication DrivingLine and I volunteer my services as a photographer, driver and all-around camp help to 4 Wheel 2 Heal, a 501(c)3 organization that takes disabled vets out on the trail for some fun wheeling and camping.

Bragging rights
50 Women Who Make A Difference, Memphis Woman Magazine
  • Monmouth University MBA
    MBA, 1995 - 1997