Terrible children or distracted parents?
Yesterday morning I was shopping in a shoe store in a mall and I happened to see something that is becoming too common and that, on the contrary, should be a rare occurrence .
Instead of looking at shoes and boots I started to watch, fascinated, a little girl walking with a still shaky pace.
She was demolishing a stack of boxes on display.
One, two , three boxes... at the end there was no trace of the stack.
With a satisfied look, now that everything was at her height, she sat and began to open every box with method and to exchange the shoes.
I looked around. No trace of her parents.
The work of exchange proceeded neatly, soother in her mouth and frown in her face, because now and then a shoe did not fit in the box of her choice.
At the end she had two unpaired boots in her hands.
She got up and with difficulty, dragging them behind, began to wander through the store.
The soother was left on the ground in the midst of voile paper scattered on the carpet.
"Dad ... Dad ... "
A man not far raised his head just a momentfrom a new pair of shoes to say : "Be good!" without looking at her really!
I do not tell you what came out of the mouth of two salesmen that, in the meantime, had noticed the disaster.
As if nothing was happened, the father returned with the two boots. He put them in the hands of a salesman and only said a vague "sorry " ...

I'm just curious to hear your comments.

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