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Amazing how many habits and beliefs can be explained at marketing tactics!

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5 Simple Ways to Become Incredibly Charismatic #charisma #focus @joeytawadrous

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If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it. - TONI MORRISON

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How practicing mindfulness can lead to better decision-making

My Father’s Greatcoat

It hung in the shed
Dusty and worn
Once proud
It became old and forlorn
I see it in photos
Shiny and new
He wore it to work
Or church hung over a pew
The years passed it by
Fashions they changed
The coat and its owner
Became somewhat estranged
I see him wearing it
In winter’s grey light
Mowing the lawn
Such was its plight
Over the years
It has hung on its peg
Ashamed of its life
But too proud to beg
I wore it one winter
To youth group and all
It was baggy and bulky
And hung like a pall
But I felt close to my father
Wearing his coat
I could feel his texture
Not so remote
Both he and it are gone
I have my memories still
Of a coat and a peg
All grist to the mill

Loretta Leslie June 2017

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Has the quality of photography declined, whilst #photographs themselves have improved?

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What can sci-fi teach us about the future of health? | Ara Darzi | Opinion | The Guardian

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How to Pitch the Media (Without Even Sending Your Book) - Great Publishing and Book Marketing Advice!

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Science Says Mindfulness Can Literally Help You Turn Off Negative Thoughts — MyScienceAcademy
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